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What Do I Need to Set Up a Successful Concrete Mold Business and Make Huge Profits?

So you may have started to look around for a way to make some additional income. You want to make good money and be your own boss.

How about starting your own decorative concrete molds business??

What do I need to get started?

Well most of these items you may already have around your house or shop. So setting up and starting your own business can be inexpensive and the profits are huge.

1. Molds

Probably one of the most important pieces needed. If you have poorly crafted and low quality molds your finished goods will look it as well. There are lots of varieties of molds in the market. Aluminum, single use plastic, rubber, fiberglass, wood, and even nature itself.

But if you want the best and most reliable molds that give you the least amount of grief, a good latex rubber mold with a fiberglass casing to support the rubber is your answer. Sure you can buy cheaper molds that you need to sit in some sand and pack around it, but you can’t always get it right. THose molds can be frustrating to use and cut into your profit because of all the fiddling around you will have to do. How do you vibrate any air bubbles out if the item is buried in your sand box? With molds that have self-supporting cases you everything is self-contained and easy to use. You can pour right in the mold, shake out the bubbles, and set the mold aside to dry.

Also when you have a quality rubber mold, it allows you to get the detail of a professional sculptor.

So quality molds produces quality garden art, which puts more money in your pocket for your effort.

2. Cement and Sand and Stone and Water

Cement – bagged Portland cement from any hardware or building supply store. Yes you can use the QuickCrete mix if you wish but then you are paying for sand and stone at retail prices. I recommend getting a white Portland cement. It may cost a bit more but produces a nicely colored item.

Sand – Dry, clean, and washed course river sand.

Stone – a pea gravel works well. It is not necessary for smaller molds but does give strength to the cement. The stone will not show in your finished item.

Water – fresh clean cold water

3. Mixer

Your mixer could be a simple wheelbarrow or small electric mixer. Most people have a wheelbarrow lying around, so by using it does not add to any startup costs. With the wheelbarrow you need to hand turn the cement/stone/sand/water mixture until you get the right consistency. With a mixer you simply add in your sand/stone/cement/water and let the mixer spin while you do other tasks. They can be purchased for around $500 and use a simple household electrical plug.

4. Tools

Shovel – for scooping your sand and stone

Bucket – for moving mixed cement and pouring in your mold

Rasp/File – for cleaning …

How Globalization Affects a Small Business

Globalization is the process of worldwide efforts towards integrating world views, products, ideas, and other economic activity on an international scale. Developments in transportation, communications, and trade are major factors in globalization. Through this process, different aspects of a business can be spread throughout the world by outsourcing jobs and operations to other countries. The development of globalization has encouraged the reduction of tariffs, quotas, and trade regulation, allowing for a more free-trade market where money, jobs, information, and goods move across borders easily. Globalization affects and is affected by businesses and the environment. Management needs to be aware of global issues and how they will affect business overall. An Italian restaurant in Philadelphia is an example of a business that could be impacted by certain aspects of Globalization. In a culturally rich area with the ability to import goods, operations can easily be affected by economic, political, and social changes.

An example of a global issue that could impact business is tariffs. Tariffs are taxes on imports and exports. Having a current president who is not very big on free trade, tariffs are quite relevant in today’s business world. A business like an Italian restaurant relies heavily on free trade to ensure lower tariffs. For a small, private restaurant owner, it would be ideal to keep the establishment as authentic as possible for customers, which may require importing certain goods straight from Italy. If Italy were to raise tariffs, that could cause a decrease in the business’s profit margin by increasing costs of imported goods. This could result in the need to get rid of employees, which would ultimately cause a decline in production.

Exchange rates are an example of another global issue that would affect an Italian restaurant. Exchange rates let businesses determine how much of one currency can be exchanged for another. Italy’s form of currency is the euro. If the value of the euro were depreciated, it would make Italian exports cheaper, making it easier for an Italian restaurant to purchase authentic ingredients. By purchasing authentic ingredients, the restaurant would become more marketable and attract more customers.

The price of oil is another relevant factor of globalization that would negatively impact an Italian restaurant in Philadelphia. The cost of transportation fluctuates daily because of changing markets, economies, and crude oil costs. During the past few decades, oil prices have fluctuated substantially. When oil prices are on a decline, it encourages the importation of goods from foreign countries like Italy. Subsequently, if oil prices rise, this would make importing from Italy more expensive, which could cause management to seek local distributors. Overall, costs go up. Also, no longer offering authentic Italian ingredients could harm the reputation of the restaurant. Aside from importing, the increase in oil prices would be a disincentive to travel to the restaurant in Philadelphia for those who do not live in the area.

Immigration Is vital to the restaurant industry because many workers in food service are immigrants. The business community is in …

The Business of Running a Bed and Breakfast

Running a Bed and Breakfast (“B&B”) sounds great at 5pm rush hours in the streets of Manhattan during the cold of winter. The fact is it can be a real job. Let me give you a taste of what it’s like in the life of a typical B&B owner.

Imagine it is 8pm on a Friday in the middle of summer at your lovely B&B. You just finished clearing out the dining room, in which your guests recently indulged in some light fare and beverages. You’re tired. It’s been a long day. You’re about to begin to do the dishes, which will take you an hour or so, and the phone rings. It’s John Smith, a late arrival guest, who was to check-in at 9pm. He tells you he will be there no later than 10pm.

It’s now 9pm, you’ve just finished the dishes and now you are tossing the dirty towels into the laundry and gathering up new towels, to replace the old ones in the bathrooms. This takes you another hour or so. You check your watch. It’s 10PM, no John Smith. “Where could he be?” you wonder to yourself. You check the phone for any messages, none. At 10:30pm the phone rings. It’s John Smith. He is on the Garden State Parkway at exit 117. He should be there in about ½ an hour. At 11pm John Smith finally arrives. You check him in, show him his room and at 11:20pm you rush to your bedroom to hit the sack because you promised early riser, Julie Murphy, you would have fresh coffee and a continental breakfast for her at 6am. If you’re lucky you pass out from exhaustion at 11:45pm and squeeze in just over five hours of sleep.

Welcome to the tranquil world of B&Bs. Not your typical day, but you get the idea. My point is this, managing a B&B not as easy as you would think. It can, however, be everything you thought it would be as long as your thoughts are anchored in reality.

The level of your attention to detail, along with your B&B’s location, can make your B&B a real success or a real nightmare. During your B&B’s busy season (primarily May-September in the Northeast) you are always on the go. Your hours are dictated by the hours of your guests. A late arrival can keep you up late and an early riser might require that you wake up at 5am.

Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes a B&B? Generally speaking anything larger than 5 rooms is considered an Inn and anything less is considered a B&B.

How do you know if your B&B is successful? 100 nights, out of a year, filled to capacity, is a good year.

Can you make a living running a B&B? In most cases you will need about six rooms to make a living at it. Anything less is just supplemental income. If a host wants to make a living at a B&B they must open …

How to Overcome the High Costs of Living Today

Are you always worried about your household average cost of food per month or what is the average cost of groceries per person? What about average monthly cost for health insurance or average annual cost of a car? If you are married with children, are you always worried about the average child care cost, or average cost of day care? In reality, are you always worried about the average cost of living in where you are located?

In this century, will you agree that wealth creation for the average household is getting more and more challenging for the working class these days? Do you realize that our cost of living increase every year? Are you facing this situation in your life today?

Depending on which city you live in, if you are married with children, you might be saying: “It is really not sufficient to live on without any added income from my spouse. After we had our first child, all of our income will go to various expenses such as housing, essentials, food, and car.”

If you are in another city, it might be also very difficult to find even less than $15 per head for a simple meal. Taking a taxi might be also a luxury in one city but not in other cities. Even if you can own a car in a certain city, there might be car tax and road taxes that will add to your expenses.

A lot of middle and lower income groups are being squeezed by rising costs and stagnating salaries. This is greatly due to the fact that a great proportion of our disposable income has to be spent on necessities such as food and housing.

Other expenses that you might be riddled with are:

1) Taking care of retired parents including medical expenses and monthly allowances.

2) Children: Tuition, milk, diapers, education, books, toys, childcare.

3) Housing: loans, rental, property taxes, insurance, utilities, maintenance, repairs.

4) Daily expenses: Food, transportation.

5) Car: Installment, maintenance, repairs, road tax, parking, fuel.

6) Healthcare

7) Personal income tax.

8) Utilities bills.

9) Credit Cards bills.

10) Cigarettes (if you smoke).

Every month, there is less for savings and luxury items. I have often studied my own household balance sheet for many days on how to improve the cash position and I still end up concluded that the only solution I can think up with is to simply increase the household income, after already maximizing actions to cut down on other expenses.

What are the various ways that we can do to beat the high costs of living?

We can:

1) Increase our active income streams. For example: a salary increase, business sales increase, or profits from stocks trading.

2) Create an automated wealth system. In other words, increase your passive income streams such as property rental, dividends, or from royalties.

3) Cut down expenses. Feeling stress out and want to chill out? Save your money by going to the local library, go for a …

4 Ways to Advertise Your Astrology Business (The Secret Is to Start for FREE)

Who else is about to launch their astrology, new age or spiritual counseling business? Are you looking for some innovative, unique and profitable places to advertise your services… but don’t have much of a budget to begin?

The truth is, as you probably already know… about 85{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc} of all professional astrologers, psychics, mediums, energy workers and new age advisors of ANY kind never make any real money at all.


It’s a tough, competitive business… and success has much less to do with skill, as it does with strategy. (in other words, some of the most well known dn successful astrologers, clairvoyants and spiritual coaches are the least talented, and some of the BEST, wallow in obscurity forever)

With that in mind, I want to offer you a very simple series of steps you can use to launch your brand and business TODAY, starting from scratch and quite often, getting your first clients in a matter of days.

Curious? Let’s take a look at the list below!

1 – Article Syndication. Simply stated, writing articles (like this one) for the purpose of spreading your message around the web is a very powerful way of extending your influence, and building your brand, often to places that you couldn’t reach on your own. Remember, many content directories get millions of visitors a day, and the spiritual, personal development and new age categories are VERY popular as well.

2 – Online Classifieds. Believe it or not, some of my clients have built their entire businesses on the back of Craigslist and Backpage.com. By virtue of their hyper local focus, you can quickly and easily establish yourself as a credible spiritual coach or counselor in your local community with fast, fun and FREE ads that convert like crazy. Remember, even if you only get 2 or 3 responses per ad, and you are running 1 ad a day (which is modest), and get 1 new client for every 3 or 4 calls, you can be earning good money within 10-14 days if you keep it up!

3 – Find hyper local blogs and offer to contribute content

Of course building your own brand blog is important… but so too is finding other local blogs and news sources in your community, and contributing to them. The truth is, 1 blog post in an arts and entertainment or lifestyle section of your online newspaper or community site can generate enough traffic to keep you busy for weeks, months or even years to come. (The secret is HOW you engage the visitors to keep them coming back!)

4 – Start using Tumblr aggressively! Why? Because it’s fun, easy and a creative way to curate content in your niche… and to develop a community of fans, friends and followers who will help you spread your message and grow your audience. In many ways, Tumblr is FAR superior for business than Twitter and Facebook, and yet… not 1 in 50 coaches, teachers, trainers, and “spiritual professionals” have ever used …

Important Functions of a Business Plan

Today all entrepreneurs or small business owners know and respect the importance of a business plan. But to most of them the benefit it has for their company after it has been used for an investment remains hidden. Therefore, it is important as it plays an important part in the growth and development of your business.

Business plans are documents that clearly describe the goals of the company along with all major and minor details regarding it. It is almost like a blue print of how you plan to build your company or organization. At the same time it plays the role of a medium to communicate through for investors and banks.

Not only does it guide your company towards its goals and accordingly the strategies are thought of, but even the management of your business relationships on the business plan. Before you have written a plan you only have a bad idea about what you plan to achieve and the milestones you wish to conquer. After the plan is written, the aims are clarified and you set up a plan of action. It describes everything about your organization.

Its position in the market and your products or services, a brief background story, your target customers, your budgets, your finances, strategies etc. It contains all details regarding the amount of money you need for starting up or carrying on. It is a financial tool.

The final, ready business plan can provide guidance to entrepreneurs for organizing and creating ideas to move forward. It would also contain details of where your company stands now, where it is going and where it plans to go. You can break down the goals into millions to be achieved in a year.

If you have not upgraded your company's business plan, now is the time, a lot depends on it.

You may wish to read more at: You may wish to read more at: Writing a Simple Business Plan and Sample and Example Business Plans for You …

Are You Addicted To Poverty?

If you live paycheck to paycheck, as my wife and I have many times for many years, or have ever said on a regular basis, “I can never get ahead” you may be addicted to poverty and not even know it.

The question, “Are you addicted to poverty” may sound ridiculous or even harsh but it is not meant to be. Truth is, millions of people are addicted to poverty but do not realize it. These demonstrate it through their spending habits, excessive debt, and lack of financial knowledge.

Much like the alcoholic or drug addict, I am sure even now, the “DENIAL” card is being drawn and put on the table.

Phrases like, “I am not an alcoholic, or rather “not a poverty-holic” are being expressed. Addicts are slaves to their addiction plain and simple. They live in denial. Some cannot stop the acquisition of bad debt, or the insatiable desire to spend which causes the bad debt. They know they do not have any extra to throw away but they do it anyway. After all,

“I have worked all week, I deserve this!”

The constant practice of “the prodigal lifestyle” puts millions everyday in utter financial despair while they blame the government and their next door neighbor for all their financial troubles. We live in a society of non-sober thinking that knows nothing about personal accountability, it appears this way anyhow. New generations of young people grow up everyday left to fend for themselves possessing less financial knowledge than the preceding generation.

Back to poverty…..

“I went by the field of the slothful, and by the vineyard of the man void of understanding; And, lo, it was all grown over with thorns, and nettles had covered the face thereof, and the stone wall thereof was broken down. Then I saw, and considered it well: I looked upon it, and received instruction. Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth; and thy want as an armed man.” Proverbs 24:30-34

Poverty-holics say things like, “I can’t afford this” and teach their children “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Meanwhile they lift no finger to educate themselves in the area needed the most, finance. So, the financial vineyard lays waste and unfruitful. In the U.S. some say, “This is America, just give me my paycheck and pack of beer, I don’t need to know anything about money, or accounting, or investing!”

Yet they struggle paycheck to paycheck as if it is the normal and right thing to do. Again I ask, “Are you addicted to poverty?” Some say they are Christians but are addicted to poverty and justify their poverty by using Bible scriptures to say it is okay and of God to be poor. Yet, no such scriptures exist.

If the American economy is to truly change, it will come, not when Christians justify their laziness, or Congress allowing the President to spend another half …

The Importance of Brochures and Flyer Prints in Business

As any businessman or woman would know, brochures and flyers are important in order to let people know the service or product that they provide. For small companies and businesses, it is ideal to utilize the great response and feedback these materials provide.

Brochures and flyers are important in a business because it raises the public's awareness for the company or the brand name. It may be small, but it should never be underestimated as many businesses have thrived thanks in no small part to the awareness raised through the distribution of brochures and flyers. In order to get high quality promotional materials, a great flyer printing service is required.

Flyers and brochures are also important because they help in associating an image with a company, product or service. A good, glossy brochure that stands out will help in the retention of a company or product's name in the mind of a consumer.

Brochures are also important because they give additional data or answer additional questions regarding the service or product that it Promotes. A brochure that answers little or no questions at all is bound to lose potential prospects. This is because of the change in the mindset of the modern consumers. Consumers nowadays want to know exactly what they are purchasing and it falls on the hands of the product producer or the company to answer questions and to insure potential clients that they will be getting their money's worth.

Because of the continuous surge in business, flyer printing or brochure prints are no longer limited to just the usual industries that use them. Other businesses, not usually seen as the type to give brochures and flyers have adopted these inexpensive and important business tools. …

Importance of Translation Service in Business

International business today compels people to travel around the world for meetings, transactions and negotiations and other corporate functions. A good business translation service should provide translators who possess excellent educational qualifications and a plethora of experience in the financial industry. Several institutions around the globe offer these services. It is important to determine the differences of language and civilization between countries, making effective translation service a must if business has to prevail.

• The significance of specialization

Providers of these services should have vast and solid understanding of finance and business. Bankers, stock brokers and economics majors are suitable for this job. Such knowledge would at least speak of unique vocation and association with the subject. The documents requiring translation are regulatory statements and reports, ports, mutual fund reports, notes of hands, financial statements etc.

• Experience

Enterprises see the corporate translation service experience, an agency has. Checking of repute and credentials may be helpful. Moreover experience generally speaks of the service providers' compliance and capability of rendering good customer services.

• Time is Money

Timely delivery of projects is of utmost importance. In legal and financial institutions, time is a constraint. Therefore deadlines must be met. Business translations are significantly more expensive than general translations.

In deciding whether your business fails or succeeds, the agency you hire for error-free corporate translation must deliver precisely the original meaning of the document with the words and style most applicable to the intended translation. A translator must not lose sight of context and comprehension. Consecutive interpreting services are meant to give the accurate version of speech or documents that sounds natural and transfers the message. To make the interpretation and transcription more natural, it is found that the translators work more in their native language in which they are proficient. It certifies the highest quality. Few ways to find good services for technical translation are:

• Find a specialist in the field.
• Look for a certified and experienced translator. If you want to get a legal document translated then look for somebody who is also a lawyer.
• Find a translator who is expedient in native language and is bilingual too.

Oral translation tips

• Critically understand and analyze the translated information.
• Enrich professional vocation.
• Highlight key elements in text.

Written translation tips

• Use a dictionary.
• Consult a specialist.
• Choose better variants.

The need for growing technical translations is growing and it is very difficult to find such translators, because they play a major role in deciding the business prospects. …

Work From Home Success Story – Embroidery Business

In 1995 my wife decided she hated her day job. The pay was meager, the commute was terrible and most importantly she felt she could achieve more with her life. At the time I was a textile machine salesmen. I sold serious industrial textile equipment which ranged from 3 ton, 15 headed embroidery machines to smaller single head embroidery machines that you can easily run out of your garage. So one day I suggested she buy a used single head machine and our business was born.

We canvased the neighborhood for local business, schools, police and fire stations for people that wanted to have their custom logo embroidered on shirts, hats and polo shirts and we found that it was pretty easy to find business. In one year the business began to grow steadily and it became similar that our single head embroidery machine was able to keep up with production.

At this point we had to make a strategic decision. Do we invest more money and grow the business? Well, we bought a 6 head embroidery machine for $ 50,000.00 (which is barely fit in our garage). The business grew and our new machine could keep pace with it quite well. We hired an employee to help run it as well.

I know what you are wondering. How much money did you make? I can tell you that there were months were we netted $ 9,000.00 per month, but that was working pretty hard and we started losing the work-life balance. Then my wife gave birth to two children and had to make another strategic decision about how hard we wanted to work. I had my own day job and was working with my wife late in the evening to help her get orders out the door. Something had to give, so this is what we decided to do.

We fired about 20{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc} of our customers, starting with the customers that demanded net 30 and 60 day terms, and to be honest we also fired customers that were too demanding (and somewhat jerky). I am a nice guy, but I have to admit I took pleasure in firing some of these clients. The end result was we were able to still net around $ 60,000.o0 per year working on average 4 hours a day for some really nice companies that treated us with respect and paid their bills on time.

Flash forward to the present, we sold the 6 head and bought a newer, faster 4 head Barudan Embroidery Machine. We purchased it used for about $ 30,000.00. I know that looks expensive, but remember we bought the first machine, a single head, for about $ 8,000.00. If the barriers to entry in this business seem high to you … that's a good thing. It prevails everyone from being able to enter too. For example, you can get started in the screen print business for $ 1,000.00. However, look around in your neighborhood, you will quickly discover that screenprinters …