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How to Sell Business to Business

Selling in today's economic climate is tougher than it has been in decades. Even if you are selling to a business instead of the general public, you have to adjust your thinking, attitude, and technique. Here are six things to help make that sale.

1. Adjust to the customer. Too often, what the customer buys does not exactly fill their need. They have to settle on the closest product that fills their need. It is not a perfect fit. Do not let this happen to your customer. You are asking the customer to buy something they need, so you have to adjust to fill the customers need.

2. Do not forget old school … networking. Volunteer on boards, such as the local zoo or philharmonic. Get to know the power hitters around you. When they need a service or product, they will already have an inside person … you.

3. Remember to be nice to the customer and keep business and personal lives separate. If you see a customer at a non business activity, like a festival, sporting event, or school play, do not bring up business. Remember they have home time to spend with their family and that is what they are doing. Be nice and respect that personal time.

4. Do not be wonderful. Be sincere with the opening congenial comment, but also be aggressive with your sales tactics.

5. Know your customer. If your customer has a contract with a particular company, know when that contract expires. A year before the current contract expires, start working on a presentation to the customer. The customer will want to sign a contract before the current contract expires, and you will have to pitch yourself in time. Give yourself time to learn about the client's needs and wants, develop your plan, and present your plan well before the customer can sign another contract with the current supplier.

6. Know the customer again. Learn things about the customer they do not know. Learn how much time they spend doing something, how they do it, and find ways for the customer to do it faster and more efficient. Inefficiency wastes time, and time is money. Everyone is trying to save money and the customer will remember you if you help them to save money.

People are their own worst critics. You have an advantage if you are not selling to the public, but instead to another business. And like your business, other businesses are there to make money. Ask yourself if you would by yourself, and if not, change your approach. …

My Own Experience To Earn Money With Online Survey

One year ago, I needed some extra cash to lighten my mortgage debts, and I found that earn money with online survey worked for me. In the first month, I earned an extra $ 500, which was very good when I only worked less than 10 hours a week. Now, my wife and me earn money with online survey as our full-time job and got more than $ 5000 monthly combined. I know it is not much, but I am going to share my experience to earn money with online survey here anyway.

Most paid surveys that I have done are paying $ 10 to $ 25. Normally I can finish one in less than 45 minutes. I worked around 25 hours a week. The surveys are generally very interesting and these companies want your opinion on how to shape their products.

What is the advantage to earn money with online survey?

Earn money with online survey is an easy job. Everyone can do surveys online and get the money. All you need is the Internet and open a free email address. You can choose whenever you want to complete the online paid surveys and which surveys you want to do yourself. Also, earn money with online survey work at home is good. You will have more time to spend with your family.

What is the disadvantage to earn money with online survey?

You have to pay for the Paid Survey Database services in order to earn money with online survey. But this is a one-time fee only and the most reputable companies offer a money-back guarantee. So you have no financial risk.

How to get started to earn money with online survey?

First, join a paid survey database. You need the database to receive the maximum number of surveys. Second, set up a separate e-mail address to receive the surveys. Check it at least twice daily and do as many as possible. Unlike other online job opportunity, earn money with online survey can see instant result. …

Discover How to Make Money Online With Affiliate Program Training

One of the most popular ways to make money online is to join an internet marketing affiliate program. You would be amazed if you knew how many products are promoted through affiliates. Many beginners think that affiliate internet programs are limited to digital books, but the truth is, there are all sorts of physical products being promoted this way too.

If you are looking for a new affiliate program to try out, the first thing you want to think about is what going to get? As a beginner to affiliate marketing, there are some key things that you need to learn before you're ready to throw your hat into the ring.

Just because affiliate products are available, does not mean you automatically will make money with them. The internet is littered with failed affiliates who tried following what some internet marketing guru told them in a book. When they try following a plan that is filled with information that is too vague and missing important details, their quest to make money this way usually ends in frustration.

In order to avoid their fate, you really need to find an affiliate business opportunity that shows you exactly what you need to do. When you do not know anything, it's really easy to make mistakes and leave out key steps in the strategy. This is because you simply "do not know what you do not know."

Without the person teaching you their method tells you exactly everything there is to know about how they execute their strategy, then you're left with feeling like their plan just does not work. This is why you need to keep an eye out for beginner friendly affiliate programs.

An internet marketing affiliate program that is really friendly to beginners, is one that will spell everything out for you in plain English, have a step-by-step model for you to follow that includes written instructions and video demonstrations, and, the program must have a proven track record for helping new affiliate marketers make real money with the system.

Following a good training program for affiliate marketing is essential if you want to experience the joy of making your first $ 100 online. Trust me, when this happens you will feel like you just won the lottery, because it's very satisfying to follow a reliable affiliate marketing strategy that produces automatic income once you set it up. …

Making Money While You Sleep!

The key is to be spending your time working on things that will eventually create residual income for you. If this isn’t how you are spending some of your time now, then it’s time to shout…TODAY!

Having residual income means that you get paid while you sleep. While you work, while you play. While you eat, it never stops. An endless stream of cash flow.


Let’s suppose you take one Naira and put into a special account that will let the Naira grow, untouched by taxes and fees. How long will it take for this ONE SINGLE NAIRA BILL TO grow into a MILLION NAIRA? That depends on the interest rate the bank account pays.

At 10{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc} interest it will take only 56 years. Wonderful. Not bad. One Naira a day can grow and become a million Naira in only 56 years. Let that sink in for a minute. Let’s look at another example; if you put ten measly Naira a day away every single day and put it in the right mutual funds or stock and let the clock tick at 20{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc}, you are a millionaire in just 20 years! When you multiply this process, you become a lifetime BILLIONAIRE.

What makes a few Naira a day grows into such huge amount of money?

It’s the power of compound interest. Einstein himself, said, “The most powerful invention of man is compound interest”. Compound interest works for you while you sleep. It is a magic money magnifier.


Authors or musicians are always generating residual income. For any Book written or Album released they are entitled to royalties. These people are earning large sums of money from their talents. Mike Murdock, for instance has written over 115 books. Let us assume a sales figure of 100, 000 copies of each unit at two dollars royalty. This will give him a royalty of $200, 000 per book. Then multiply it by 115. The amount will be $23, 000,000 (twenty three million dollars). When you look at some musicians whose albums sell in millions world wide, for instance Michael Jackson, no one will tell you that they make millions of dollars in each album and the money continues forever. Suffice to say that in the U.S.A. today, scholarships are given in favor of music, athletic, football etc. as against physic, chemist etc. it is a situation where a nation is consciously developing the talent of his citizenry.

Begin now to make use of this secret. Let me also add something that is very important, if you think you don’t have a talent for writing, you can still write. Record your knowledge, or experience, or story in an audiotape and give to a professional to edit the work for you.…

Impressive Business Card Styles

It is well established that networking is one of the most serious aspects of business development. Indeed, it is often true that growth depends more on who you know, than many other factors. There is simple logic fueling this argument, and it is mostly an issue of being recognized over the tumult of other individuals who offer similar services. In today's world of business there are countless enterprises that offer very close to the same services. Yes, your company may have its own personal touch, but in the end it is not necessarily all that different from others that offer similar products. The true difference is in you: the representative. Therefore, finding success as a business owner comes to selling yourself as a representative of your company just as much as it comes from offering quality products. This is where business cards enter into the equation.

Using business cards effectively is a great way to introduce both yourself and your company to a prospect. A good business card and conversation with a prospect can bring in new business, be shared from customer to customer and sometimes even reach people who are not interested in your company's services at the time when the card is presented.

Many people, upon receiving a business card will, out of politeness, not just throw it away. Instead it will wind up in a drawer or on a bulletin board. Then, when that individual needs your services, the card is there waiting. These kinds of results are not always as simple to produce as it might sound. Just throwing together a business card and handing it out will not suffice. As with all forms of advertising, the medium must be good, and of a quality that represents your company. Designing an impressive business card is within anyone's grasp.

Perhaps the most important rule of business card design is to make the card simple, and easy to read. The purpose of this form of advertising is to give potential customers a good first impression; they do not need to know everything about your company. Sometimes a name, a phone number and a website can be enough. It is tempting to fill the entire card with information and not waste any of the cardboard's surface area. However, doing so can be a waste of time and money. If a potential customer has to hunt through unessential information to find what he or she wants at first glance, then the card might simply be tossed away. Clutter must be avoided at all costs. That said, a small picture of you, your company logo, or some other identifying mark is essential, and adding a splash of color will draw attention to a design that can otherwise be very simple in nature. If you feel as though you can not possibly refuse from giving a detailed description of your services, then use the back of the card.

It is a bit unconventional to cover the back of the business card with …

It's True: You Really Can Earn Money From Home And Quit Your Day Job And Here's How

Making money online is a reality today today more than ever because the possibilities are very expanded, technology gives us a hand and allows us to make money from the place we choose for our office, on holiday or the comfort of our home.

The resources and information available online can actually be overwhelming that most of the time we overload of information and this prevails us from starting to take action.Most people choosing the path of internet marketing struggle to succeed and never make a dime.The key to a successful online business is not to try and learn every skill in one go but learn step by step, stay focused, have a plan and take massive action.

It is not hard to earn money online you simply need to follow what works and then just rinse and repeat and scale.I wanted to start this article by naming some of the ways to earn money online.look for the niche market that feels more comfortable , probably related to their tastes and passions. Some people start trying many variants and after that successfully establish or focus on what really works.

Some of the most popular ways to make money online are these:

– Without a blog, what we do for example answering surveys for businesses that need common customer information to this there are many companies that use this method, many people still suspect of this way of making money online, but I can assure you there companies with a strong track record and on the internet that actually pays people who choose to integrate their staff.

Today with the rise of social media we can use to promote products, auctions or affiliate products with our contacts and the community by paying for advertisements (eg. Facebook).

There are other methods such as making money by reading e-mails, searching, and browsing certain websites a certain time, or by clicking on ads or offers. Finally, there are also betting and online games, which are also used by thousands of people.

Currently people are losing their fear of online commercial transactions, with the growth and development of technology to make one hundred percent secure credit card or other banking system. Today there are companies that allow us to get our money earned online from almost any country either through transfers or by checks sent to you.

– With a blog, in this case the possibilities are expanded and this allows us to actually create a real online business or enterprise, not only making money, but to build automated systems that we can generate profits for years. A blog is the window of our business and what we can offer in the range from our services, our products or advice, and even promoting thousands of products by working as affiliates. Platforms to create blog are really very accessible and even more important we can create blogs for free, which is a great help to start, probably later use a blog in a private domain that …

Earn Extra Money With Hubpages – Earn Residual Income From Your Writing Skills

What if I were to tell you that you could use your writing skills and start making extra money without investing a single penny. If you already have a computer and an internet connection, then you can sign up for free at Hubpages and start making money creating hubs. Just what is a Hubpage? This article will provide examples of Hubpages, how to create them, and how to start earning what I call "click money."

Hubpages are easy to define as a web page that provides detailed information about a specific topic or even several different topics. It is a central web page for users to visit to get free information on something that they may be researching or just need to find out about. They can be how-to in nature, descriptive, or sometimes just for fun. One of the first Hubpages I created was about approaching extra money online. I found some unique ways to earn an extra $ 20.00USD to $ 40.00USD per month and I thought people might find the information useful. So I created a hub about my methods and encouraged people to try out my ways to make money. I was not trying to sell people on how to replace their income, but just earn a little extra money so they could maybe go to dinner with the family or whatever they chose.

I make money two ways on Hubpages. I have an account with a service called Google AdSense. This is an advertising service that places ads on your website, and in return when you receive a genuine click, Google pays you for it! Hubpages is integrated with Google AdSense so when someone visits your Hubpage, and they decide to click on one of the advertised links, you get paid. It is that simple. I also make money with affiliate links. One Hubpage I created is on the topic of night teeth grinding guards. I have an affiliate link on that Hubpage that takes users to the night guard laboratory where they can purchase a guard. Every time someone purchases a night guard, then I get a commission.

I've also created hubs just for fun, and they ended up making me money also. I created a Hubpage about what I would do with my money if I won the lottery. I went over the top trying to be funny and sarcastic, and I had a lot of fun creating the hub. It has received almost 1,000 visitors to date and has actually generated some click money for me. I encourage anyone to use their service to start creating today and start learning a little extra money. …

Why Use Private Money For Real Estate Investing?

There are many reasons a real estate investor might want to have a ready access to private money for real estate investing. This article will explore a few of those reasons.

The first reason to use private money for real estate investing is to protect your credit rating. Think about this … if you borrow the money from a private individual, rather than a bank or lending institution, the loan will never be reported to the credit bureau. It will not count against your debt-to-income ratio, and no record of the payment history will be kept. No one will ever know about that loan, unless you tell them.

Next, and one of the very best reasons to use private money for real estate investing, is the elimination of paperwork. I have never had to complete a loan application for private money for real estate investing. The lenders I work with all know me and the kind of investing I do. Many of them never even care to see the property. When I apply for a mortgage, on the other hand, the application process itself can take several days, and there are mountains of paper.

Yet another reason to use private money for real estate investing is the ready access to fast cash. Sometimes, when a deal is especially good, moving super-fast is a necessity. With bank financing, that kind of speed is often impossible. Even lines of credit do not always give you the same speed capability that private lenders do. With one phone call to one of my private lenders, I can tie up a deal that other investors only dream about.

A great reason to use private money for real estate investing is the leverage that it gives you. Think about this … if you have $ 50,000 of your own money, is it better to pay all cash for a $ 50,000 property, or to put $ 50,000 cash down on a $ 500,000 property and use private lenders to finance the rest?

If you answered the $ 500,000 property, you're right- and here's why. Let's say the $ 50,000 property rents for $ 500 per month, or $ 6,000 per year. Your Return On Investment (ROI would be 12{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc} the first year ($ 6,000 divided by $ 50,000.) It's safe to assume the rent on the $ 500,000 property might be about 10 times that of the $ 50,000 property, or about $ 60,000 for the year. payback to your lender totals $ 4,000 per month, or $ 48,000 per year, what's your Return On Investment (ROI) for the $ 500,000 property? If you answered 24{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc}, give yourself a gold star!

Of course, you would need to take into account the cost of borrowing the money, but even after doing that, you can see there really is no comparison. Using private money for real estate investing gives you something called leakage. Leverage is the ability to move something very large with something very small … a …

What Type of Personal Injury Claim Was Your Accident?

Personal injury cases are legal cases in which one party or group is held accounting for causing harm to another person or group of people. This legal responsibility typically takes the form of the responsible party compensation for medical and other costs, lost wages, and occasionally additional money for damage the hurt party's quality of life. Personal injury cases are very common and many are quite serious.

You can find various types of injury cases in litigation. Injuries can occur practically anywhere: in your own home, at the office, while traveling, or while you're shopping. Wherever an injury takes place, if it was a result of the negligence and carelessness of one party, then the injured party has the legal right to file a personal injury claim through the help of Seattle personal injury lawyers.

Many of the common forms of personal injury cases result from carelessness on our highways and streets. Automobile accidents are the number one source of claims. Think about how many auto accidents happen every day just to get an idea. Even though some accidents are just that – accidents with motor vehicle collisions, others come from neglect. If a driver who crashed into another driver because they were driving too fast, driving while distracted or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then there could be grounds for a personal injury case. In the end, if the offending driver acted in a way that a typical person would not, then they could be held accountable.

Another form of common personal injury cases are those focusing on accidents such as slips, trips and falls. These cases take place when an individual injures them self by slipping or tripping as a result of dangerous conditions at a location. Wet floors, defective floors, uneven ground and so forth are examples of possible causes of these accidental injuries. This is the reason businesses are so adamant about putting out 'Wet Floor' signs during cleaning. If they do not alert customers about the risk to safety, they could be deemed liable for any accidents or injuries which may occur.

Work is yet another place where personal injury cases can begin. The majority of companies and organizations take care to ensure that their staff is protected from hazards at the workplace. Some, however, still allow their equipment to go un-inspected or let their employees operate in unsafe circumstances. If this sort of negligence results in an offense, then the business can and should be held liable for causing the injuries. These cases are most common in industries like construction, where there's a higher potential for accidents and mishaps.

Another cause of injury claims are faulty and defective goods. Some businesses produce items that they know might cause harm to the people using them, but still permit them to be sold. If a Seattle injury lawyer can show that a company had prior knowledge of a dangerous product defect, then they can be held liable for damages when pursued by the …

Home Loans – Unlocking The Tied Finance

Homeowner can have now a better chance to get the financial helps whenever they need. If you are homeowner then no need to take much hassle for arranging the sum you need anytime. Now you can solve any kind of your financial purpose easily as finances are available against your home. You can avail these helps in the form of home loans in which your home is put as collateral to secure the loan amount.

Home loans are secured type in nature that can arrange any sum for you depending upon the market value of your home. The market or equity value is assessed first to determine the loan amount for you that can be any sum up to the total equity value of your home. However, the loan amount available here generally varies from £ 3000 to £ 100,000 that can be repaid over a longer period of 25 years.

These loans have always a lower rate of interest; the lent amount has almost no risk. Moreover, you can find it even in better condition with a good credit record and repaying capability. The rate can also vary with the lenders so, always put a judicious decision while opting for the loan to get better deal by comparing among the available option.

Being good at credit can no help you improve the terms but bad credit can also be applicable for these facilities. You find your resort here even when your credit is not perfect that repeal all the hassles like, CCJs, arrears, IVAs, defaults, and bankruptcy in you have.

Lenders are available in bundle to provide these facilities. You can contact them even online that help you find the lenders in no time and even apply for the loan at the same moment.

Now the provision of home loans niche way to get the required sum even without moving your home to anyone. It helps you get the best utility of tied money in your home that comes to you on much lower cost and put less burden on your financial condition. The longer repayment option render great relax to you by making it possible to have few little installs instead paying the amount in hectic schedule. …