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Auto Insurance – What You Need to Know About Buying Auto Insurance For Students

Your heart is pounding, your head pulsating and every fiber of your being is feeling tingly. This is the thrill of your first time behind the wheel. They are the same feelings you will experience when you encounter your first accident. As drivers, teenagers are the most prone to accidents because of their newness to driving on the road. For this reason, auto insurance for students can be very expensive. While hoping for the best while driving, you should prepare for the worst.

As so many young adult drivers die in car accidents, it is now mandatory in many states to obtain what is called a "Graduated Driver License." This license allows young drivers provisioning driving authority for 6 to 12 months. A fully licensed driver has to be, at all times, in the car with them. After the provisional period, written and driving tests are required. Upon passing, they will be issued a license allowing them to drive independently. There will be strings attached, however, that may include a limited amount of passengers and restrictions on the usage of cell phones and driving at night. Do not knock it, because statistics show this system works … the reduced number of teenage accidents have been well documented. Want cheaper rates? Follow the advice below: Be sure your grades are at least a B average, as insurance companies believe students with higher grades are more responsible. Complete a driver's education class and advise your insurance company.

Also, let the insurance company know if you are driving on a limited basis, as you may be entitled to a discount. Example: if you are staying on campus and drive your vehicle only on the weekends or holidays. And here's one last tip that might cost you a few dollars now but could save you from considering loss in the future. Make inquiries in regard to renters insurance. Being young, what kind of assets could you have, right? You might be surprised! In that backpack – do you have an iPod? A cell phone? A laptop? They could all add up to a substantial loss if lost or stolen. So purchase a simple renters insurance policy and do not worry … if something happens – you're covered. It's called "piece of mind guaranteed."