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A New Approach to Online Marketing to Make Money Online

My father in-law used to sell old cars and he wanted me to venture in such business also. I considered his proposal, but I remembered the way he traded those cars, he sold those cars personally. I realized this kind of business just would not work online because I need to speak personally to my customers. What I am trying to point out is that we need to consider the old fashion way of selling as a new approach to online marketing, if you want to make money online. I narrowed down the details in "Three Rs." Be Relevant, Be Real, and Be Responsive.

Be relevant – Nowadays, you no longer have to visit a store; the store can come to you in just one click. And they are all equal. So what causes customers to choose one store over another? It is relevance. If your website is the most relevant site for the task at hand, you might get the business. If not, it might not matter what your brand is.

Be real – Being real requires real words. Many of the consumers would not believe most of the ads we have today, and so the best way to fight this is Honesty. They want us to tell the truth even when we could get away with covering it up because that is what really builds trust. That is what long-term relationships are built on. But how can a company be real? Companies are not real – people are. So the way to be real is let your people go out and be your best marketers. Once you start talking to your customers like real people, an amazing thing will happen-they will talk back.

Be responsive – You start a conversation or your customer starts a conversation with you. Either way, you need to be responsive, or the conversation ends. If your customers do not like some of your company's practices, for example, you must respond. Other big companies have deal with negative publicity. It goes with the territory-when you are big, you are a target. The Internet makes big companies an even larger target, but small companies can be targeted, too.

We need to remember that we are talking individually to each of our customers. On the internet, you can attract customers who will buy and buy again, if you do not waste their time, if you earn their trust, and if you jump when they call. When you do all of these things, a relationship will naturally begin to form-a different kind of relationship than with old-style marketing, because online marketing is personal. This is how you can make money online