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4 Steps To Everlasting Riches – Business Vs Personal

Ever desire or wonder how to attain everlasting riches? I came across this simple article posted by Prince Ben, a wealth creation expert, motivational speaker and best-selling author who help people to achieve their goals in life. Ben quoted the following four important steps to attaining everlasting riches:

1. Understand and state your real dreams and goals;

2. Positive Thinking;

3. Action and more actions;

4. Acquire knowledge

In my view, although the above may not be the full exhaustive list to make one ever everlasting riches, they are indeed the basic key necessities to getting one. In fact, there is no difference between attaining personal riches against business riches. Just think about how businesses that continually do well have in common: they all believe in setting corporate mission and goals. The goals lead to financial planning and budgets, which will then determine how they could strategize to make the targeted income and how they should spend the money wisely on their businesses. Imagine without a goal, it's like shooting blind folded, one can only "hope" the best will come! It's simply OUT OF YOUR HANDS!

With goals, people who indulged in sales will then go the extra mile to make sure that their sales goals are achieved, in the middle of intense competition. There will be full of challenges in order to win in the highly competitive landscape. As such, it is important that both management and sales people, in particular, must be equipped with the right knowledge and positive thinking to outdo the competition and to win the hearts of your customers.

Finally, an Action Plan is what one needs to fulfill the goals, the business plan and the related sales strategies. An action plan would be regularly scrutinized and reviewed for optimum results.

To many people who are either in business or working as an employee, the above steps are mission-critical. Therefore, they are not options but a must for execution. The strange thing is while one can apply these easily in business, it is not often one will apply the same in their personal capacity. Why is that the case?

It's back to the matter of "State of Mind". When one trips a matter as optional, people tend to procrastinate and taken things lightly. However, when one fears the matter as "life and death", simply means, it's not optional anymore but to succeed, people will do all they can and go the extra mile to achieve something. This is why while the process and objectives are the same, application to business and personal capacity is entirely different.

Even if all of us understand the importance of implementing these 4 simple steps, i can bet not everyone will be able to execute them well, mainly because of different emotions and state of mind . For many, they are more interested in making excuses in justifying to themselves or to other people why they should not follow certain steps or can not be successful!

For me, i understands the importance of these processes but it also took me quite a while before i put them into real execution! However, once i started following the processes, i truly comprehend why this will lead our lives to greater heights , and YES, it is no difference whether one applies them in personal or corporate life!

At the end of day, it is not just WHAT YOU KNOW, its the ability to put Knowledge into ACTION that matters.