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Day: July 3, 2019

Email Gets You Money

I was a little hesitant to do this as I did not want to join the band-wagon of money earners on the internet just for the sake of "making money", which is rather wrong according to some.
Anyways, helping others will not over trying to be correct and proper. Some of you out there understand me.
There are many sites which offer you money for reading emails. Now how do you know which is the best.

Here are some steps:
1. Read the entire offer on their website or email.
Let's go into detail.
See that there are no loopholes.
Like they only ask you for your email, but not give you details of
– how much each email you read will pay you,
– how much is the payout,
– is it based on referring people also which may be difficult for you,
– if they have the option in your country.
Some sites ask for your email address just to get an opt-in list. So make sure all details are there before you give in your details.

2. Choose your options right.
Many sites offer $ 10 or $ 100 per email, which sounds real exciting … but do find out the payout amount. Some are $ 500,000 payouts or you would have to invest an amount to get the free payout. So weigh your options, if you would like money real quick and it does not depend on the amount then look for low payout options. Some sites offer payout only if you refer members which is good if you can do it. Always read the FAQ sections. Some questions you previously do not think about are there. and ask questions of your own and see if they are answered satisfactorily through the information provided.

3. ALWAYS tryout without investing first.
This is to help your morale in the first place. Even if it sounds good, try it out and then invest.
In my research, the following offer has each email read at $ 10 and the minimum payout is $ 1000– so that means reading 100 emails and you get paid a fair amount. – so far that sounds good. …