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Day: July 2, 2019

Improving Your Studio's Business Through Serving Your Community

As a studio owner, you strive to provide the best you can for your students and clients. Yoga is a sacred experience for you, and you want to share its essence with as many people as possible.

At the same time, you need to earn enough to pay the bills and hopefully make a reasonable living, because if you do not, you will not be able to stay in business. And if you can not keep your business open, then how many people will you serve?

A critical part of the business of yoga is about doing what we do in a way that people are glad to pay for what they receive – no tricks or deception. Just honestly providing something that give people real value.

This month, we'll focus on making passive income from your studio. How would you like to increase your studio's revenue by $ 2,000 or more each month while helping people at the same time?

Passive income is money that you earn by essentially not directly working for it yourself, but instead using some other resource you have, like your studio space, that people will pay for. The people you serve will be grateful for your assistance, and you will earn extra income – it's totally a win-win arrangement.

If this sounds good to you, read on …

Improving Your Studio's Business Through Serving Your Community

Running a studio is hard work. Lots of it. For most studio owners and directors, it's very much a labor of love – or at the very least, that's why they started doing what they do. For some studio owners, cash flow can be an ongoing problem, (although for others, it's just nice to have an additional stream of revenue). Can you relate to this?

Whether you rent the space for your studio, or pay a mortgage, the space is yours 24 hours a day. Even if you only use it for 6 of them, you still pay for the remaining 18 hours. An excellent way for studios to earn reliable passive income is to rent out as much of the space as possible when you're not using it.

Consider a studio that has two spaces that can rent out, a smaller one for $ 10 per hour and a larger one for $ 15 per hour ($ 25 / hr. Total). If they find people to rent these spaces for just 3 hours each day, 6 days a week (72 hours / month) that's an extra $ 1800 per month of income for virtually no extra work.

What's more, this is usually dependent income that does not change month to month (if you pick the right kind of renters). Now consider that it's often possible to rent for far more than just 3 hours per day, and many studios have spaces that will rent for more than $ 25 / hr. It's quite reasonable for a studio to earn an extra $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 per …

Unsecured Business Loans – Start Marching on the Way of Success

Business loans can show you the right way to be adopted when you are sitting idle and dreaming to be successful. Success and money does not come automatically. You would have to put your efforts for that and trying to be a businessman as a part of such ventures will not be a bad idea. If you think that you can manage to have a good businessmen and have a particular idea regarding the field of your business then you should go for it. To start with this new field you can first set up a small business and the unsecured business loans will be perfect for that.

These loans are well known for supporting businessmen by offering small financial helps. Although the offered amount is not so big but still you would find it quite helpful. In fact, these loans will support you in any business activity like:

– Buying the office or the site for the business
– Getting raw materials
– Buying machines
– Hiring man power or
– Arranging other related things

The rates of interest of these loans use to be a bit high. So, you have to be ready to manage that or else you can opt for another loan too. Such suitable loans are easily available in the loan market. In fact, that does look to be a burden as here you will be freed from offering contractual. Without placing any security you can get the loan away.

All those bad credit records that enjoy getting these loans are arrears, defaults, late payment, bankruptcy, CCJs, skipping of installs and IVA. So, there will be no tension for the poor credit holders too. They too can now get the unsecured business loans and set up their own business. In fact, these loans are good for renewing old and dying businesses too. …