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Day: April 4, 2019

Do not Take the Risk, Get Health Insurance

Ten years ago Mr. Quiggly decided to ignore his wife's idea of ​​taking out family health insurance under the misguided opinion that the children were young and not likely to need health insurance for the foreseeable future and that both he and his wife were fit and healthy for their age.

Admittedly family health insurance can set you back a fair few dollars in monthly premiums and there is rarely any short term correlation between cost and benefit but then family health insurance is a long term insurance, a safety net for when things go wrong.

As you can imagine, things did go wrong. First there was little Jimmy who broke his leg in a bike accident. Mr. Quiggly was not too bothered, it hit the family finances hard for a few months but the cost was not that bad when compared to what he had saved in health insurance premiums. Within a few months they were back on track and the whole incident was forgotten.

Six months later Jimmy's little sister got taken ill, a virus she picked up from school which really wiped her out and meant that she had to spend nearly two weeks in hospital. When Mr. Quiggly realized how much it was going to cost he had to take out a long term loan. It was at this point the penny started to drop that if he had listened to his wife they would have had health insurance that would have covered all or most of the cost.

Everything ran smoothly for a year or so after that, no accidents and no illnesses. Mr. Quigley decided that he would hold off taking out family health insurance until he had paid off some of the loan. If he really thought about it he was hiring for a pay rise to help cover some of the health insurance premium.

He did indeed start looking into health insurance but only a couple of years later by which time his wife had been diagnosed with a long term illness so it had to be declared on the health insurance policy. Obviously the illness was an exclusion so the family had no health insurance for yet another health problem. A few years later it meant yet another loan that, by now, the family could ill afford to pay.

From that point on Mr.Quiggly was seen to be a keen advocate of health insurance with such support being driven by the $ 65,000 he had had to fork out in medical costs and the $ 38,000 he had yet to pay. …

Your Boat Insurance – Key Considerations

Sailing off into the distant blue, has the favorable effect of blowing away your life’s strains and cares with the blowing wind. Yet, before you voyage off in your attractive boat, take five and think about the merits of these questions. Do you have marine or boat insurance in place? Even when the response that that is ‘Yes’ at that point are you confident your insurance essentials are being fulfilled?

Marine insurance groups crafts according to a kind of dimensions. "Boats" are described as measuring anywhere between 16 feet and 25 feet 11 inches in length. Under that size then you are catalogued as small boat namely dinghies, personal watercraft and so forth. If your boat is 26 feet and above in size then you may most likely need expert insurance. Right now let’s check out some of the ins and outs as applied to regular boat insurance policies.

Physical damage insurance coverage

The insurance company reimburses you for the replacement or recondition of your boat, resulting from the following conditions: boating mishap, vandalism, fire, burglary, lightning, hurricanes or tornadoes. Incorporated in this policy are the watercraft itself, its power train or outboard motor and your trailer. Normally the following items are omitted from the dinghy insurance coverage, as they are not thought of as being a part of your boat’s operations: clothes, video or camera equipment, precious jewelry or fashion adornments, cell phones, beverages and food items, diving gear and portable electronics such as TV set, hi-fi equipment or laptops. You may discover they are included on your normal house insurance coverage or you may ask for separate insurance coverage for some of these.

Tip: I know it’s a pain but – always study the fine print at the bottom. Then you will realize what restrictions have been placed on your protection. Can you boat be kept at your home? Otherwise, should the boat be at your vacation place? Where does the protection start and end on the waters you can make use of? A few policies specifically list the assumptions and restrict the use of your craft.

Individual Liability Coverage

We hope you will never ever need to find out how important this coverage is. Typical marine boat insurance cover here ranges upwards from $ 3 million and may compensate you when there’s a collision and your boat is held responsible for harming another property, boat or injury.

Uninsured Boat Protection

This is known as the marine insurance equivalent to the road vehicle’s uninsured motorist insurance coverage. For instance, in the circumstance that the proprietor of a boat who damages yours has run out insurance coverage or worse yet, does not have the money, your boat’s repairs will certainly nonetheless be paid for.

Passenger Health Insurance coverage

This insurance coverage will pay for the medical expenses sustained by any people carried on your boat. You will definitely discover that generally there is one more provision on your policy regulating the quantity of individuals who can be aboard at …

Motivation Strategies That Work

Whatever in a business place, school classroom or in the home, motivation strategies that work the best are those that work the longest. Many seminaries and classes are held for the purpose of stimulating, but only work temporarily. There are ways to achieve long term motivation that will serve to continuously reach mutual goals.

It can be said that there are some motivation strategies that are used to achieve goals. These are:

1) Team Work. Peer pressure is often seen as a negative force, but when applied in a team work situation, it can work in an opposite manner. Teams are often formed to accomplish a goal with the idea that peer pressure within the group will result in each member putting their best foot forward; Each operating at their optimal levels.

2) Personal Involvement. Enabling an individual or group to set and announce their own goals often has positive results. Verbalizing the intentions is an important aspect of this method, as a commitment to the goal will be realized. Making the goals publicly known creates additional drive, most likely because it is seen as a promise.

3) Job Augmentation. Styling a job so that it has more interest and appeal is one of the motivation strategies not often implemented in the US but common overseas. Performing the same job over and over again results in a monotony that can hardly be counted as stimulating. Form a group of individuals who all play a part in the completion of a job cycle, say assembly, where each person rotates jobs in a "cross training" exercise, and motivation increases because interest has now been piqued.

4) Incentives. The idea that providing rewards for a job well done is sound, but can become difficult if the employer's idea of ​​a reward differs from that of the employee's. As each person has their own needs that drive motivation, it could be hard to hit upon the right incentives.

5) Exchanges. Exchanges provide one of those motivation strategies that can become convoluted. It is quite similar to offering incentives, only on a more temporary basis. For example, completing a specific job within a time frame could reward the employee with an extra day off. This is often used in the workplace, but there are frequent disagreements as to what a fair exchange actually is.

6) Competition. Sales oriented business use this often. "Be the first to sell 15 cars per week and win a trip to the Caribbean!" Healthy competition is embroidered, but not if goals are set too high.

7) Fear. Sadly, motivation strategies employed by a company often include fear of loss of benefits, money and even jobs.

Implementing motivation strategies such as these can help to improve goal achievement. Which type works best is dependent on the type of company, but each has great merit when applied pro …