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Month: April 2019

Making Money Off Your Beats

We now live in an age where almost every American is obsessed with the idea of ​​how to make more money. Everyone sees to think that money will solve their problems.

This has also trickled down to the rap production world. Every producer wants to know how they can get rich quick. Everyone wants to be paid. Everyone wants to be rich like Kanye or swizz.

You got guys that have been producing all of six months and all ready they are trying to submit their tracks to major artists. Already they are trying to get their "beat cd" heard by the masses.

Me being the person that I am I do not have anything against making money. In fact I'm all for it. But these days the internet is flooded with these guys. They are spamming every page they can trying to get you to hear their beats. Any chance they get they are throwing their beats in your face. Once again I understand wanting to make money but like anything else these things take time. All of these guys you see on MTV or bet or on your favorite rappers cd put in work to get where they are at.

Just because it looks like they just popped up out of here many of these guys struggled for years just top get their shot. Many of them have gotten screwed by labels and have had bad deals and all type of misfortune before finally getting on.

The other issue is quality. I think its really important to perfect your craft before you go throwing your work in everyone's face. Take the time out to hone your skills. It will pay off in the long run.

Another thing is it looks everyone is chasing a major artist placement. I guess these guys think once they get one of their beats on a snoop cd they gonna blow up. The reality is that a new producer only gets like 5, 000 bucks for a beat on a major project. Probably more for a single. Plus with the state of the music industry its probably gonna be a lot less in the future. Even though 5, 000 is nice money for a beat you made in your bedroom. It probably wont change life. Also one placement does not guarantee more work. You could make an album once and never be heard from again.

In my opinion the most effective way for a producer to get to super producer status is to find a rapper or rappers that's on the come up just like you are and team up. Grind it out together. Forget about selling beats for the moment without an offer coming up and you and your rapper take on the industry. This method may take longer and might not get you fast results but if you look at most of the major producers today that's how they got their start. Swizz started with ruff ryders, dr dre the world …

Affiliate Internet Marketing Is It Right For You?

Affiliate Internet Marketing is one of the easiest ways for someone new to Internet marketing to make money online. This simple marketing technique works by selling other people’s products and earning a commission from that sale. The basics of Affiliate Internet Marketing consists of finding and selling a product on your website (but can be done without one), picking the right keywords, and driving traffic to your affiliate link.

Now the advantages of marketing as an affiliate means that you do not need to store inventory, ship items or take payments. You get to be your own boss, while working in the fast paced Internet marketing world, and note that many people are successfully making a six-figure income online.

But Affiliate Internet Marketing requires more than just “building it and they will come” philosophy. Success does not happen overnight, as many would have you believe, because there is a learning curve. So how can affiliate marketing concepts be learned? By finding a good mentor, purchasing a few good e-books on Affiliate Internet Marketing or by joining a good web forum like The Warrior Forum.

Some of the terms that you will read or hear about are: web design, mini sites, keyword research, keyword density, web traffic; which can come from organic (or called free), or by pay per click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), and the big one “it’s all in the list” as well as a few other terms.

To have a successful site you need to find a good balance of the above or you may find yourself in the 90{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc} that fail at Affiliate Internet Marketing.

Now, no matter how well your site is designed, how good your keywords are, or how well it is optimized for search engines. Without anyone to see it, you might as well be walking down a dead end alley trying to sell your affiliate product. And how you ask do I get traffic? The fastest way is by pay per click through Google, MSN or Yahoo, but this can be expensive if not done right. Next is by building one way links back to your site, and a third is article writing or listing your site on website directories. These are just a few of the ways to get started.

Affiliate Internet Marketing works best if you are able to continue learning and remain open to new things. A good example of this is to move towards web 2.0 and learn how to use it to drive traffic to your affiliate link.…

Want Fast Convicted Driver Insurance – Broker Or Direct

The goal of this short article is to help you lower the costs of your cover. Simple but legal steps can be taken to help reduce your convicted driver insurance outgoing's. Most are straight forward and can be applied at quotation stage while other tips may take some time to apply. Some of the methods will not work for you but if you are searching for convicted driver insurance lots of ideas and techniques are given to help you reduce the costs with your insurer.

Areas we will be looking at are avoiding the high monthly charges, cover explained, advanced driving discounts plus much more.

Step One Pick a low group car – If you drive a large engine size then you will have large insurance premiums. A definite way to reduce the costs of your convicted driver insurance is to get a lower lower group car.

Step Two Do all named drivers drive? The costs of naming a driver that is not your common law partner or spouse varies between 10 to 20 percent. Costs vary but for younger drivers costs will be significantly more. The trick is to name only those that will actually drive. Sometimes if the person you need to name has their own vehicle they will have the driving other cars extension anyway so could drive you motor on a third party only basis. Depending on the value of your vehicle third party cover may be satisfactory or not. Instead of naming a driver permanently you can add them temporarily part way through your insurance year.

Step Three Do not accept the first quote! Each year when you get your renewal always look around for cheaper prices. Make a list and ring or submit your details online to a minimum of 4 motor insurers. Use the internet to compare deals using price comparison sites. Although price is important so are other factors it is important to write the features down and compare them along with the prices.

Step Four Upgrade your license! An alternative way to save on your borrowed driver insurance is by enrolling on an advanced driving course. The pass plus is a good start for younger first time drivers. Companies offer discounts equivalent to 1 years NCD (No Claim Discount) for drivers with the pass plus. Topics the course covers are all weather driving, driving on dual carriage ways and driving out of town. Other courses are aimed towards more mature drivers such as Rospa, IAM, and Diamond.

Where do I go from here? – Visit Young Convicted Drivers Car Insurance …

Protecting Your Assets with Homeowner's Insurance

Everyone who owns a home knows they need some form of homeowners insurance, but past that point there is sometimes some confusion as to how much and what type of coverage they may need.

The first thing anyone purchasing homeowners insurance must understand is why they are buying it. The primary purpose is to protect their most valuable investment, their home, in the event of some form of damage or destruction from uncontrollable circumstances. For most people these include natural disasters such as wind, rain, fire, tornados, hurricanes or man made problems such as burglary, leaky pipes, or electrical damage.

One thing everyone who shops for homeowners insurance must be aware of is that flood insurance is a separate coverage, and regular home insurance will not cover damage from floods. If you are not sure if your home is intolerable to a flood your best source of information will be the county or state you live in. They will be able to tell you if you live in a flood area. If you do need flood insurance the place to get it is the National Flood Insurance Program that is administrated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

When it comes to knowing how much coverage you need there are three things that need to be looked at.

1. The House Itself – Homeowners insurance will pay for any damage done to the home itself. You should have enough coverage to pay the cost of rebuilding the entire home. This is not necessarily the estimated amount, or the amount you might get if you sold the house. A mentioned above this will cover any number of emergencies and natural disasters with the exception of floods.

2. Personal Property – This will cover the cost to replace all of your family's and yours personal possessions if they are damaged, destroyed, or stolen. This amount is usually around half of what your home is insured against.

3. Liability – This part of the homeowner's policy is to protect the owner from liability claims if someone is hurt on the property and decides to sue you.

Probably the most important thing that all homeowners must remember is that it is absolutely their responsibility to make sure that their homeowner's insurance is up-to-date. With the continuous rise in home values ​​these days and inflation if you do not periodically update your coverage you may find yourself with too little insurance if and when you have to file a claim. …

Secrets That You Should Know Before You Open A New Business From Home

Doing business is not every ones cup of tea. There are things you need to know before you open a new business from home. When things are done methodically then success is imminent. Well, mild hiccups are about to crop up and you can tide them over smoothly. Some things you need to know before you open a new business from home are:

* Select a product or niche you are comfortable with. This should have been your passion or profession.

* Learn thoroughly about the market before you open a new business from home. Once your buyer is ready then get in touch with your local administrators. You do not want to get into any legal issues right?

* If you are single and operating from your home then there is no permit required to open a new business from home. Still it is better to contact your local office for advice on permits and clearances. If you are starting a marketing business then your sales people may walk in and out of your concessions. Call your country's clerk office or local chamber of commerce to get information on the proper board or commission to contact for zoning laws.

* Contact your lender for any funds if need be to open your new business from home.

* Also know about federal tax laws to open a new business from home.

* If it is a product you are supplying then line up your suppliers and get them to make a commitment for purchase. Once that is done then getting finance is easy.

* If your business is ob web designing or Internet marketing then all you need to do is make an attractive website with search engine optimization. This will enable your website to appear on the first page on major search engines. Moreover you can also earn through Goggle pay per click program and Goggle AdSense.

* When you open your new business from home you can opt to use your social security number as the federal ID number for your business. However, if you want to present a more professional image, you can get a separate employer identification number (even if you do not have employees). You will need to file Form SS-4 with the Internal Revenue Service.

* If you wish to sell on E-bay or Craig's List your stuff get sold very easily and you can earn a cool amount of minimum $ 15,000 every once in a while just by selling your used stuff. Craig List is very efficient and things get sold like hot cakes out there. Go check it for yourself. …

Grier's Almanac: 200 Years of Service

One of my favorite "reads" are almanacs. From the previously named Information Please almanac to the Old Farmer's Almanac , these handy paperback books contain a wealth of information on virtually any subject, particularly the more generalized tomes such as Information Please.

In November 2005, I visited my locally owned drugstore and found that they had free copies of Grier's Almanac available for customers. Similar in design to the Old Farmer's Almanac, I took a copy home with me.

Although not peppered with stories such as can be found in the Old Farmer's Almanac, Grier's contains the usual "zodiac" information which farmers in time's past would rely on to help them determine when to plant. In addition, you can find information on daily weather predictions, a fishing calendar, an exhaustive list of holidays for the year, and interesting chronological information on events that happened on particular dates through history. In the back of the almanac is a section devoted to all kinds of classified ads.

As with most almanacs in this particular genre, Grier's has share of ads. Some are helpful and include ads for insurance and gardening, while others are bizarre and include ads for oils and candles to help make your opposition lawyer stupid. Okay, if it works than that is great!

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Grier's is that 2006 represents their 200th anniversary edition. For two straight centuries the almanac has been published including throughout the Civil War period, a remarkable feat indeed.

Grier's is written for the southern states only from Virginia to Texas. As mentioned, copies are free and can be found in many drugstores, feed and seed establishments, and retail outlets through the south. Annual circulation reportedly exceeded three million copies.

Congratulations to Grier's Almanac Publishing Company of Atlanta for 200 consecutive years of service! …

Make Money Selling Digital Downloads

Contrary to popular notice, selling products online is not that difficult. It is not exactly easy but it is not too daunting too.

There are many things that you can sell. As long as it is software (legal), you can sell it.

Some of the files that you can sell are:

1. Software programs

2. E-books

3. Stock photographs

4. Templates

5. 3D digital models

6. 2D graphic images

Of the list of files above, e-book is the easiest to create. It is also one of the most sell-able. Creating an e-book will not cost you any thing apart from the time and effort. The most common format for e-books is PDF. The best free software for creating PDF ebooks is Open Office. Open Office can easily rival the commercial Microsoft Office in terms of functions and features.

Once you have finished writing the e-book in Open Office, you simply need to export the document as a PDF file. The appeal of e-book lies in the fact that it is easily accessible and does not require physical space when compared to physical books. This reason alone make them quite easy to sell. Many people are after information only and are not so concerned about whether the product is physical or not.

Beside, e-book the other very easy to create product is stock photo images. You will need a good digital camera and an image editing program to create the photos. If you do not want to buy commercial image editing software, you can download free ones. The best free image editor is Gimp.

I can go on rambling, but I think I will stop here.

The bottom line is this: It is not that difficult to create and sell your own digital products. And there is no harm in making some extra recurring incomes from these sales. …

Strategies to Save Money That Rich People Invented

Rich people use special strategies to save money and invest it. By learning what they do, and copying them, you too can be on a wealth-building path.

1. Pay yourself first. This is THE strategy to make money. Rich people have been doing this since the beginning of time. It makes absolute sense, and if you establish this habit, you'll be amazed by the results.

What most people do to save money – which is totally backwards –generally works like this …

-They get paid from their job or business

-They pay their bills and live (ie spend money)

-They save whatever's left-over

What rich people do to save money – which is absolutely brilliant and the reason they're rich –generally works like this …

-They get paid from their job or business

-They sock-away aa specific, predetermined amount into their savings (usually about 10{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc})

-They pay their bills and live (ie spend money)

Do you see the difference in the strategies to save money? Rich people pay themselves first. No matter what, they're making a deposit in their account this month.

Now you may say, "Well I'm living paycheck-to-paycheck.

To which I would respond, "Believe me, if you start saving like that, your bills will adapt themselves to your new lifestyle."

This is absolutely true. Think about it. You could lower your bills if you had to. That's where some other strategies to save money come into play.

2. Lower your bills. I guarantee that you're paying money right now to "the man" that you could be saving for yourself.

Do you have cable?

Some people have these fancy-shmancy cable packages that cost upwards of 100 bucks a month. Do you really like TV that much? You know that reading a book, or playing racquetball or something is a lot more fun, healthy, and valuable?

If you really love TV, can not you get away with just basic cable? Or better yet, watch your favorite shows for free online, in HD, with no commercial interruptions. C'mon, now.

Do you drive to work?

Gas is crazy-expensive. And unless they come out with some hydrogen-powered cars, I do not see that changing anytime soon. Most people do not realize how expensive it is to drive. Especially if you drive a long commute.

Spend a few hours researching the public transportation in your area and find a bus or a metro that goes where you're going. Or find some people you could car-pool with.

My brother did this and went from spending $ 100 / week to $ 25 / week. He's going to save over $ 3,500 this year th at he can put into his retirement account. (Plus, who wants to battle traffic?)

Cable and gas are just two examples. But for other strategies to save money, take a look at your other bills. Your cell phone, car insurance, rent / mortgage, credit card payments, all of them could probably be reduced if you put some work into it. …

Tips For Starting a Small Business – Your Success Depends on Doing These Things Right!

Why are some businesses an overwhelming success while others never make it off the ground? What is it that differentiates the two?

Surprisingly it is not a question of money or education. There are many businesses that have had such humble beginnings as a spare bedroom or even a dining room table yet have gone on to become market leaders. There are also many businesses who have had highly educated people at the helm along with some serious financial backing and yet they still failed dismally.

Statistics show that businesses that succeed share common characteristics. Likewise businesses that never get off the ground or close their doors after only a few short years have usually made some common business mistakes.

These characteristics and practices apply to all businesses. Whether you are starting your business on a shoe string or have a substantial budget, if you are working from home or from a 10 000 square foot warehouse, if you have no staff or twenty, if you are selling a product or a service, if you are producing your own products or selling somebody else's, these dos and don'ts apply to you.

To increase your chance of business success you should try to emulate those who have achieved what you want to achieve. There is also much to be learned from the mistakes of others. This way we will not repeat them ourselves.

Two of the most important tips for starting a small business are:

  1. You must be passionate about what you are doing. If you are not passionate about your business it will be easy to become disheartened during the hard times. Building a business takes dedication and persistence and money should not be your only motivator.
  2. You must follow proven business principles. Your business success or failure depends on how well you manage your resources. These resources include your staff, your finances and your paperwork.

Many people thinking about starting their own business become overwhelmed with the legalities and paperwork that they need to attend to before they can open their doors or attend to their first customer. There is just so much to do and sometimes it can be tempting to cut corners. This is understandable when you are keen to get your business up and running. But you should always make time for conducting market research and for writing your business plan. Statistics prove that businesses that have completed some form of market research and have a business plan will greatly improve their chance of business success!

There are other factors that influence the profitability and success of your business. However if you get these things wrong it will not matter what you do right. By not having appropriate administration, staffing and financial controls in place your business will not grow to its full potential. Nor will you be able to take advantage of business opportunities when they arise. …

3 Free Ways to Make Money Online

It is remarkably easy to make cash online. There, I've said it. I'm not going to beat about the bush. There are all sorts of people who will make out that making a buck on the internet is a hard business, but I'm afraid they are talking out of their posterior. It is actually incredibly easy – every day I check my accounts to see more cash has come in overnight, on autopilot.

The second bit of good news is that there are a ton of free ways to make money on the internet. In fact, if you're a newcomer to online marketing, you really should cut your teeth by generating cash from free methods. If you can not milk gold from a stone, then you'll never make money. Actually, the free methods available online are also the easiest ways in which to make money; the pricey internet marketing courses and bits of software you see for sale are actually aimed at the high-end marketer with a good degree of technical knowledge.

Alright, so you've made the decision to give it a shot. Let's examine a few of the free ways to make money on the internet. Firstly, there are paid surveys. You simply sign up for these paid online survey sites, fill out the questions, and earn a fixed sum of cash every time you complete one. This is wonderfully easy to do, but there are two downsides – it is laborious to do, and the money earned is not going to change your life. Still, it remains the easiest and most surefire method to put some extra coin in your pocket.

Secondly, and most importantly, we come to blogging. You can sign up for a blog at ( http://www.Blogspot.com ) or ( http://www.Wordpress.com ). Blogs started out as internet journals where you could share your thoughts with the world. However, in recent times blogs have effectively become concise mini-websites, and they have also become monetized. You can add affiliate links on your blogs and Google AdSense to earn money. It is well worth investing in a good ebook on blogging in order to do this successfully.

Thirdly, there is eBay. Last summer I cleared out absolutely everything and anything I did not need or did not use any longer, from books and clothes to videos and old children's games. To my astonishment, I raised nearly $ 2000 from that big sale. Never understimate the eBay market – there is a buyer for everything. Again, it's worth doing some research online to find a free guide to effective selling on eBay. Away from your own personal goods, you can also compile mini-eBooks with good information to sell on the site.

We really are just scratching the surface with this article. There are many free ways to make money on the internet, and they can all be exploited simultaneously. This is the founding principle of making big cash online, previously multiple sources of income. The most important thing to do …