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Month: March 2019

Earn Extra Money

Tired of being unable to make both ends meet? Do you usually suffer from budget constraints? When financial assets become too tight that you no longer know how to cope with the upcoming expenses that may confront you, you tend to go loco. A budget that is unable to cover specific needs becomes a real concern. If you want to save yourself from all these worries, it is only proper to think of possible remedies to help you out. Earning extra money can be your primary aim.

Some Worthy Ideas to Help You Earn Extra Money

Look at your good points. Find out your skills and talents. Are you good in math or in English? Then you can offer tutorial lessons. Are you good at creating trendy accessories and display items? Then you can focus on making them and selling them for a good price.

Free your creativity. After deciding on which task to go for, it is high time to select the location from which to conduct your "business." For tutorial lessons, you can use your veranda or study room. You can even offer home services. By this you get paid per hour. For some arts and crafts, you can utilize a spare room you have at home. There are still a lot of ideas which you can choose from to earn extra money.

Turn to your old things. You may have discarded a lot of valuable things because they are now out of fashion or you may have simply changed your taste. After gathering them and assessing which are worth selling, you can start a garage sale. The things you may sell can include clothes, CDs, old toys, books, and so on.

Cook your way to extra money. Whether you are an excellent cook or purely a novice, you can certainly whip up a best-selling recipe. You can seek the help of your mother or grandmother who is an expert in making pastries, candies, desserts, and other cuisine. You can cook on a per-order basis.

Think of the holidays. Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year, St. Patrick's Day and Thanksgiving are special occasions which you can take advantage of. Why not make souvenir and gift items for such matters?

Go online. You can do freelance online jobs such as article-writing, editing, emailing, and so on. There are a lot of opportunities on the net.

The extra money that you can put aside gives you a good, secure feeling. You do not have to start out with a big capital to earn extra money. All you need is an ounce of determination, a pound of creativity, and of course, tons of hard work. …

Make Money Online Easily With This Method Working From Home

Do you want to learn how easily it is to make money online? If you are a newbie or even experience and actually looking for a real method to make some serious money online everyday 7 days a week working only 15 minutes a day then keep reading…

With this method I am about to reveal to you if you do the work and put in the effort you could reach a significant amount of daily income. The potential how much income can be limitless!

I’d recommend you do this and work at least 15 minutes twice a week on it just to be consistence and will see the money roll in.

This method includes having your own website that will get super targeted traffic that will come from all over the internet. Mostly traffic from Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. That’s the trick… to use all the popular sites that the masses hangout on.

Anyways.. here it for those who want to actually make their first dollar with something that is guarantee to work. You will need the FOLLOWING:

1-You need a domain name,

2-You need a Hosting provider

3-You need to do keyword research

4-You need to create a website

5-You need to monetize pages with plugins and widgets

6-You need to add content with value

7-You need to add display advertisement and affiliate offer to pages

8-You need to generate free traffic

9-And last but not least, send PPC advertising (Optional, you will bank on free traffic either way)

Now I know what you are thinking.. seems like a lot! Not really… Most of the 9 steps takes less than 5-10 minutes the most to setup and once you’re done.. the only thing that matters is to keep sending traffic which is the easy part.

Most of you here will be able to understand the steps im sure. There is really detailed guide with step by step how to set everything up complete with illustrations and screen captures and tutorials showing you from scratch how to do it. It is available on the amazon kindle store which I will share at the end of this article so make sure you pick that up.

So basically, one you create your website all you have to do is use the traffic sources to get the visitors. Your site will be a blog basically. Each post you make should have an eye catching headline and well structured for search engines to pick it up.

I’ll start by beginning with step 5 since most people don’t need help with the domain and hosting part but if you do I highly suggest you get the full guide so you get the full tutorial from beginning to end.

SO here we go.. Step 5 is you need to monetize pages with plugins and widgets. The following plugins is what you’ll be using on your blog site.

A- Yoast SEO – lets you know if your SEO is good for posts

B- Popup Sync Facebook …

Do You Have A Business Or A Hobby?

Everybody sells! You sell, I sell, we sell, they sell, etc. If you own a business, you had better sell or you’ll be out of business. And this brings me to my point.

Do you really know how to sell your product or service?

Can you convince a potential customer to purchase what you are selling?

If you answered the question with no, then you my friend cannot sell. In other words, if you’re not making a profit in business daily, weekly, and monthly, you have a hobby, not a business. Businesses sell products and services, as in revenue going into their bank accounts on a regular basis.

You can refer to yourself as a business owner all the live long day, but trust and believe, you are not a business owner. Also, if you think Facebook and Instagram are the only two places to sell your product or service it is no wonder why you are not making money. Smart business owners, as in real business owners, know they need to get from in front of their computers.

They know that:

– networking

– taking classes

– reading

– having a mentor

– hiring professionals

Is how they are going to make sales. They already know the term ‘you’ve got to spend money to make money’ is a true saying. So ask yourself this question. Do I have a business or hobby? If you answered that you have a business. You are waking up at 5am every single day and selling your product or service as if your life depends on making a profit. You do the above mentioned things every day because you want to eventually begin making a profit and continue to stay in business.

This is how business works.

Forget that overnight success lie.

There is no such thing as an overnight success.

Let me tell you what there is such a thing as, someone who started a business and put in their 10,000 hours (Google it) then made it into a success. The world didn’t see the long hours of hard work, the uncertainty, the stressful times, the tears, the sacrifices, the lonely days, the late nights of working on customer projects, and the peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner days. They only saw the after effects. If you want to be in business for yourself be prepared to experience those 10,000 hours because there is no getting around it.

How do I know this to be true?

Because I was that someone. I completed my 10,000 hours back in 2014, and yes, it took that long for folks to view me as an expert in what I do. Today I still work just as hard as I did when I started my business. However, I no longer struggle the way I did before. I carved out a lucrative niche in my field of expertise. Now I am at the point where I choose who I want to work with, as opposed to …

Impact of Tax When Selling a Business

What is the impact of tax when selling a business? Most small business owners spend a lot of time wrestling with the decision about when they will put their business on the market and try to sell it. There is no question that selling a business is an important decision for its owner as it Touches many aspects of their life. These aspects of their life include their financial security, their perception of how successful the business has been or alternatively, has the owner taken the business as far as they can take it. However, probably the most important aspect of all is what the owner desires to do with their future and whether or not they see themselves owning and operating the business.

All of the above and many more reasons take time to consider arriving at the right answers. If the owner no longer sees themselves owning and operating the business and wish to sell, there is an important need to consider the tax implications if they sell the business. The tax implications happen at two levels. The first level is the tax consequences preparing the business for sale. The second level is the impact on taxes when the business moves from the current owner to the buyer. If you are considering selling your business, here are some tax consequences to consider as you contemplate either or not you will sell the business.

  1. Understand the differences between a Stock sale and an Asset sale. Buyers generally prefer an Asset sale as it eliminates legal liabilities and allows the buyer to start depreciating assets all over again.
  2. Consider maximizing the amount of charitable contributions to tightly held business interests
  3. Considering receiving some of the purchase price of the business in installments such as through payment of a salary, a management agreement or a consulting agreement, this allows the seller of the business to receive income when they stop working in the business and therefore no income tax for wages or salaries.
  4. The tax benefits of an installation sale. An installation sale allows the seller to be paid some of the proceeds from the sale of the business to later years thereby spreading out or deferring to future years the tax liability the income would generate.
  5. An additional strategy with the last suggestion is to increase the rate of interest the seller is paid on the installation sale once again deferring to future years the tax liability.
  6. Understand that the value the business sells for revolves around the discretionary earnings of the business so all cash that flows through the business is reported, non business discretionary items are no longer run through the business and any unusual one off occurrences are clearly documented so a buyer They see that they are not a normal part of the way the business operates. For example, the business may have a settlement with an employee that involves a one-time payment or the owner may be going through a divorce and paying the attorney

Money Stress – How to Make Money Accumulate and Work For You

We all need money! Unfortunately few of us have it.

Our society has been built on the grounds of making money at any cost. Our minds are so obsessed by the idea that we do not realize the amount of stress it generates every single day.

Money stress is the stress we experience just because we do not have enough cash and do know how to make it accumulate for us.

You would think now that just getting some more of it will immediately solve the problem. Unfortunately it is not that easy. In some cases it would even create more stress and would worsen the situation.

To make the money accumulate and work in your favor you have to realize that it is just a means to an end and not an end by itself. This basically means that you do not have to strive saving or getting from somewhere a one off big payment which will be enough for a live time.

You have to learn how to use money in order to make alive your ideas and your projects. They are the real money generating units in your life.

But how to realize your projects if you do not have enough money as a staring point?

Good question. But my point is exactly that you really do not need money to make money. At the very beginning you have to learn how to be useful. You have to learn how to create value for the people around you. This is the basic starting point. Once you have this asset money will come because people will need you.

I have already walked this way and know that it works. I have been wondering for quite long period of time how to make my ideas work and make real money out of them and finally I found the solution with SBI.

The only initial investment you need is your time to make your ideas work. Money stress is manageable!…

Five Ways to Protect Yourself When Selling Your Business

I read with interest a report of April 23, 2008, entitled “Millions involved in local business purchase scam” published in the Christian County Headliner News. As a certified public accountant that has represented buyers/sellers in business sales transactions and also as Managing Partner of Sunbelt Business Advisors – a business brokerage firm, I thought it beneficial to write about the many red-flags that were present in the article. Red flags that others should be aware of and protect themselves against as they attempt to either sell or buy a business.

SMALL BUSINESSES ARE NORMALLY SOLD AS AN ASSET PURCHASE AND NOT A STOCK PURCHASE. This transaction appears to have been a stock purchase and not an asset purchase. This should have been one of the first very large red flags. Small, privately held businesses are almost never sold as a stock purchase. A stock purchase means the current owners legal entity-the company, continues on instead of the new buyer creating a new company. In a stock purchase the new owners get everything the sellers business owns – bank accounts, receivables, any potential and actual liabilities. This includes contingent liabilities the new owner may not even know about. Additionally, a stock purchase does not allow a new owner to get stepped up basis of the company furniture, fixtures and equipment. The stepped up basis of the FF&E could mean thousands of dollars in tax savings to a new owner that would be very beneficial the first few years of ownership. A buyer walking in and immediately wanting to purchase the stock of business and assume all liabilities, potential future liabilities – known or unknown and leaving the additional depreciation on the table is almost unheard of. A normal asset purchase agreement (not a stock purchase) would have generally excluded cash and bank accounts of the prior company. The new owners in an asset purchase agreement, unlike a stock purchase would not have been able to transfer funds from the company accounts. They would need to open new bank accounts in their new company name.

AT CLOSING, BUYERS FUNDS SHOULD BE AVAILABLE. Apparently this deal closed without confirmation or having actual funds from the buyer. No business purchase transaction should close without having funds available and present at closing. This would be the same as selling your house to someone, closing the transaction, but the buyers not having loan approval yet. You wouldn’t do it and neither should sellers of small businesses.

ALWAYS USE A QUALIFIED CLOSING ATTORNEY. The sale of a business should be closed by a qualified closing attorney. Qualified closing attorneys will have their own space and normally not need to use others. A qualified closing attorney will make sure all legal documents are in order; make sure funds are available to pay the seller and file all required legal and IRS documents. Anyone selling or purchasing a business should insist upon having a qualified closing attorney conduct the closing. The absence of a qualified closing attorney should be …

Personal Branding – The Foundation Of Massive Success

The concept of using personal branding to spread the word or market a product is one that can be traced back many centuries. During ancient Roman times, leaders were known for decorating money with their faces plastered across the outside of coins. Today, where would KFC be without the Colonel or Wendy's without Dave Thomas' freckle-faced girl? Personal branding has without a doubt become an easily recognizable approach towards marketing a business, product, or service.

Throughout history, the technique has garnered widespread recognition and respect that has been used to capture the attention of the public. Successful individuals are able to also get what they want out of life and any business pursuits they may approach. Personal branding may also be used to boost the sales of a product, especially when their name becomes associated with a particular approach or system. This is seen with concepts, such as Pilates or the Atkins Diet. This same technique has also been used through history as a way to spread and develop religion, including Buddhism.

In the world of business, extreme success comes when an individual becomes connected to a particular career where as soon as their name is mentioned, the majority of people across the nation (and even sometimes the world) take notice or can identify. This is seen in noticeable personalities, such as Mozart, Einstein, and even more recently – Oprah, Madonna, and Bill Gates.

All of the above have been able to take an aspect of their life and share it with the world to the point that they have become a trusted representation of their trade. Oprah is known as such a successful media personality and entrepreneur that people purchase her pick for Book of the Month. Madonna can do no wrong in the entertainment business, as she has built a solid career spanning numerous decades. When news of computers and the advancement of technology hit the headlines, it is Bill Gates that tends to find his way into most software-related conversations.

To start on the path towards successful personal branding, there are plenty of seminars, books, and marketed techniques. An individual must also learn how to self-package their image for the world to accept. These efforts should be approached as a way to manage a profession, where the public can easily identify and communicate with an image that appears unique or compelling enough to create a response. …

Low Cost Life Insurance

Low cost life insurance, of course, is a relative description, but to a very great extent, all life insurance these days is relatively low cost. Thanks to intensive internet marketing, which has considerably widen the sales potential, and keen competition amongst providers, life insurance is now cheaper even in real terms than it has been for the past decade or so.

Nevertheless, if lowering the cost of the premiums is an important consideration, there are still a number of ways in which you can do this.

As with many purchases, buying the most affordable life insurance relies on choosing the most appropriate product for your needs. For example, if the main reason for your needing life insurance is to ensure that your family have the balance of a repayment mortgage paid off in the event of your death, then you might want to consider a decreasing term life insurance rather than the standard level term life insurance. Just as the name suggests, decreasing term life insurance is written with a steadily decreasing lump sum benefit payable in the event of death during the term of the life cover. Because this steadily reduces the risk to which the insurer is exposed, then premiums are also cheaper than the constant sum assured under a level term life insurance policy. Perfectly adequate protection for the repayment mortgage continues to be ensured, however, since the outstanding balance on the mortgage debt will be decreasing at a similar rate.

An important point to remember about life insurance is that it is cheaper the earlier you start – i.e. the younger you are. Although your age will provide another route to securing low cost life insurance, however, this is often a time when there is little spare cash in the young family’s budget. If that is the case, however, there is always the option of starting life cover at a cheaper rate and steadily increasing the premiums and cover as the family’s income increases over time. The choice, then, would be for increasing term life insurance, where premiums and the cover assured will increase by predetermined increments each year that the policy runs.

On a similar theme, you might have the intention some time in the future of taking advantage of using life insurance as a long-term investment opportunity by way of a whole-of-life or endowment policy. Although this could prove too costly on your present income, it would nevertheless be possible to buy convertible term life insurance that can be converted into the desired whole-of-life or endowment policy at the end of the current term, generally without having to submit further medical reports.

Though many of the products currently available are already – almost by definition low cost life insurance – there are a number of options for making the immediate premiums still more affordable. By starting at an early age you will gain yourself a head start, with cost-effective premiums and still reserve the options for increasing your overall level of cover slightly later …

Opening A Dollar Store – The Risks of Your own Business

Are you considering opening a dollar store? If so, have you examined all of the risks that you will face by starting a business of your own? Have you determined that those risks are simply outweighed by the rewards of business ownership? Most true entrepreneurs carefully analyze the situation. After that analysis they determine whether they will or will not be able to exceed the risks. Finally they assess whether the rewards outweigh the time, effort and money that is required to address the risks. They determine that they can and will be a success in their operation.

As with owning any business, dollar stores involve both risks and rewards. Just what are the risks associated with opening a dollar store? The personal risks can include personal sacrifice, cash investment, personal guarantees on financing, hours and hours of hard work and more. Business risks include those associated with competition, financing, and management of the business. Careful examination and analysis of the risks is required of the entrepreneur who is opening a dollar store.

All potential risks need to be identified and then strategies for minimizing those risks need to be developed. The question is really whether the risks can be minimized to the point that they will not be a risk to business success. Those risks must also be outweighed by the rewards. Only then should open a dollar store be seriously pursued.

Are you considering opening a dollar store? If so, carefully identify the risks associated with moving forward. Develop strategies that will allow you to address, or at least minimize the risks. Then assess whether the risks are outweighed by the rewards.

To Your Dollar Store Success! …

Personal Communications Build Relationships and Sales

Recently, I celebrated my birthday and opened the annual birthday card from my Allstate insurance agent, the only time that I hear from her all year long since I'm set up on automatic bill pay. The greeting was generic and the only bit of personalization was the agent's signature.

In contrast, I received a birthday card in the mail from Mark Herdering who works with a cool Internet service called Send Out Cards. With this service, it's possible to personalize everything in a card which is delivered via First Class US mail. The front of my card from Mark featured Calvin from the popular Calvin and Hobbes comic strip running in the buff across the front of the card saying "It's Patrick's Birthday … Party Naked!" Inside was a picture of Mark wearing a party hat with my name digitally written across it. The message was in Mark's handwriting even though he did not write it himself. Send Out Cards has saved his personal font so he can use it whenever he sends out a card. Mark's card took no more effort to send my personal card than my Allstate agent yet its personalization gives me the idea that Mark really values ​​me as a person.

But, cards are not enough to build business relationships. If my Allstate agent took the time to call me once a year (a logical occurrence would be the anniversary of when she wrote my insurance policy), she would have the chance to connect to see what's new. In so doing, she would solidify my loyalty. And, she would discover that I have other insurance needs such as increasing my life insurance policy or buying business insurance.

Allstate pride's itself on being "the good hands people" but its agents need to use their hands to write thank you cards and pick up the phone to call their customers to ensure that their sales continues to grow. …