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Day: February 13, 2019

Are You Stuck When You Want To Make Money Online?

If you are stuck when you want to make money online, you may refer to the following story of making money online.

Pamela started getting ready to make money online. She went to seminars that taught how to make money online and learned what she needed to know. She began to follow the steps outlined.

As Pamela followed the steps outlined momentum to build and it looked like there was an avalanche of steps to follow! Every time she followed one step, another appeared. Would not she ever make money online while she relaxed at the beach – as hoped ?? She began to wonder.

Not only that, her family was having trouble adjusting to the fact that she was not home – since there she was, right there! It seems humorous now as I right this.

Pamela had an ingenious moment one day when she finally got to a point of putting up an easel with a big poster board sign that said, "No one is here!" and put it behind her desk chair. It also may have helped her to make money faster online if her office had not been right next to the front door, but that's where it was at the time!

Pamela did not get off to a slow start since she was very distracted with all the possibilities and choices of things to do with her family. If she did something with her family she was guilty because she needed to be getting her online business up and running. If she worked on her business she was guilty because she should be with her family – which was the reason she wanted to work from home in the first place … She was stuck.

Sound familiar?

It does not have to be this way.

Finally, in her studies and explorations, Pamela happened upon a technique to get her mind set so she could stay focused to make money online without the guilt. The exercise was so simple she was able to complete it in a short time after reading how her mind was causing her lack of focus and that feeling of being "stuck." …

What to Look For When Evaluating a Medical Billing Vendor for Your Practice

If you've been practicing medicine for any amount of time you will probably agree that the healthcare industry has become incredibly complex in the past few years. Thanks to ever-evolving regulations and shifting reimbursements models, doctors are forced to streamline their operational processes in an effort to cut expenses and increase revenue.

One of the best ways practices can increase their revenue and stay competitive in a sometimes-shaky marketplace is to outsource their billing to a third-party vendor. But how do doctors ensure they select the right partner?

First by asking themselves a series of questions, and then asking their prospective partners another series of questions.

Questions to Ask Yourself

What are My Particular Pain Points?

Any billing company worth their salt will have policies and procedures in place that will maximize the efficiencies of your practice's work flow and minimize the time it takes you to get paid. And, at this point in time, all quality vendors will have strict compliance programs that will ensure security, privacy and confidentiality of protected patient data.

But beyond these generalities that any physician requires, what are your particular challenges or issues you face on a daily basis? What are your personal pain points? What are your preferences – cloud-based or enterprise-wide solutions?

Once you have a list of your preferences and challenges, you will be more easily able to communicate them to potential partners.

What Stipulations Do I Require in the Contract?

A partnership is a two-way street and an effective contract will outline the vendor's scope of work clearly as well as your responsibilities (ie provide all necessary documentation and authorization for services). Since using a generic contract template is asking for trouble, get some legal advice and determine your requirements: effective dates, termination clauses, compliance requirements, service reimbursements parameters and scope of work.

In What Ways Can My Billing Partner Help me Grow my Practice?

The right billing partner should not only be able to handle your payments and claims, they should also be able to counsel you and evaluate the health of your practice. Ask yourself what kind of assistance you need to determine if your current admin policies, staffing levels, and IT resources are sustainable. How can your billing partner help you make the necessary preparations to meet future goals?

Questions to Ask Prospect Partners

What Technological Capabilities Do You Offer?

Good billing companies offer more than help with claims and reimbursements, they have a breadth of knowledge when it comes to the best technology available to meet your needs and regulatory requirements.

Ask vendors what their experience is with EHRs, practice management systems, and if their solution can integrate into your existing systems. Remember, technology is multifaceted and should help you meet the clinical, administrative AND financial needs of your practice.

Is the Billing Company ICD-10 Ready?

At this point in the game, all billing companies should be up-to-speed with ICD-10, there simply is no excuse to be unprepared. Ask your prospective partners if they have completed …

A Renewed Campaign to Tackle Nuisance Bikers

As much as there is an almost complete unity in encouraging the switch to biking by policymakers and other holders, the issue of nuisance biking is one menace causing so much worry.

Nuisance biking

In the last several months the police in different parts of Britain have been locked in a continuous battle with this category of bikers. Nuisance biking is basically the riding of motorbikes, particularly off-road bikes like mopeds, quads or mini motos in unauthorized places and provoking both health and security concerns.

Nuisance bikers, residents usually complain, disturb the peace and increasingly expose themselves and others to the risk of accidents. Sometimes they are also found to be carrying a passenger on an off-road bike mean for one.

But the largest issue is that they ride in places meant for public use, such as parks or pavements, where innocent pedestrians could be crushed into. In addition to the fact that such motorbikes should be ridden only on a private property with the permission of the property owner, when young people riding this type of motorbike get on the road they strictly have any of the required documents to allow them on the road . Bike insurance is neglected, just as license is not taken seriously since the fact that failure to have them could get the biker into trouble with the law.

Christmas crackdown

In several places across the country the police were called to move in to check the menace of nuisance bikers last year. In some places gangs of young riders were apprehended and had their bikes confiscated. In some extreme cases such bike riders were charged and had to appear in court for a number of offences.

Shortly before Christmas the police cautioned parents against buying off-road bikes as presents for their children. The air was also clear over the issue of purchasing insurance cover for mini bikes. While many alleged erroneously that they did not need an insurance policy, they were reminded that bike insurance was a requirement as long as the vehicle was motor-propelled and would be used on public roads. To sink the message as deeply as possible retailers were also prompted to remind customers to get the cover and other required documentation for bikes.

Fresh campaign

Based on the extent this campaign has gone to, one would think that by now most people would have been sufficiently enlightened about the use of mini or off-road bikes in order to avoid a confrontation with the law. But the situation is still far from this.

Almost every time a young bike rider is caught at the wrong place on a mini bike possibly doing the wrong thing, they are also found to be in possession of none of the required documents. This, therefore, suggests that the battle is far from won and more needs to be done.

In Coventry, which is one of the worst hit places, there is a renewed effort to tackle the problem. Unlike previous campaigns, barriers are being …