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Day: September 14, 2018

Home Insurance: Is Your Jewelry Covered?

Whether you have home insurance or are shopping for a home owner insurance quote , you may be wondering if the policy covers your jewelry and other valuable possessions. Here's what typically happens.

When you take out a standard policy for home insurance, items such as jewelry, watches and furs are typically covered already up to certain limits. The coverage may include fire, theft, vandalism and other perils named in your policy.

Make sure you take a look at the limits in the standard policy. This is the amount the insurance company will pay you in the event of a loss. The limits in a standard policy may or may not be high enough. For example, a typical policy may only pay $ 1,000 for theft of jewelry.

If you would like more coverage for your jewelry, you can sometimes pay more for higher limits, or schedule items through a separate "floater" policy to cover the jewelry. Scheduling items can cost more in premiums, but it can also give you much more coverage. Also, the floater policy often provides coverage for many more types of losses such as losing your wedding ring while traveling.

Be sure to ask lots of questions and fully understand the policy before purchasing. For example, you may be required to have your jewelry appraised before a home owner insurance company will underwrite the policy. Find out if there's a deductible and what the specific coverage are. Do the coverage include full replacement cost or repair costs?

Rates can vary between companies so when you're shopping for home insurance, make sure to get at least three comparison quotes. Provide the same information to each company for the most accurate comparison quote. …

Leveraging Inventory and Order Management Software’s for Business Success

Successful business owners ride on efficient management systems that allow them ample time to focus on the important aspects of their businesses. The area of inventory and order management can principally be challenging for business people and can potentially lead to failure of success of business depending on how it is handled. This so because it is an area that form the basis of most business decisions. Hence, businesses should leverage on available software’s to simplify orders and inventory accounting for business success as demonstrated in the subsequent paragraphs.

Saves time

Time as a resource is of critical essence in any business environment. Productivity largely depends on how best the available time is utilized towards the optimization of operations. Certain inventory and order management software’s encourage effective use of time by simplifying most of the processes involved in the inventory and order management. Through the use of synced information, it saves time by eliminating the stresses that accompany manual data entry. Also, the ease with which information is synced makes it possible to operate comfortably in a business entity characterized by multiple warehouses.

Easy Monitoring

Monitoring and tracking of stock becomes easy with software’s. It even becomes better with software’s which allow for centralized monitoring of stocks. When stock is easily monitored, controlling them also becomes easy. In the end, effective business decisions are derived from the available information. It is possible to improve customer service as with such software’s, because the status of each order can be tracked. For instance, in the event that a manager tracks and find out that a particular order has been delayed, he/ she can immediately make decisions to fasten the process and better experience for the specific customer. Through such on-time decisions, it is easy to maintain loyal customer base and even attract new ones. One of the examples of the inventory and order management software’s is Stitch Labs.

Simplified Accounting

Inventory and order management software’s allow for simplified accounting through streamlined channel operations even in cases when operations are multichannel in nature. Because information on sales, orders are real-time, instant checks can be done and account balances are done to provide timely information on the profitability of the business. Account reports derived from such balances are actionable in nature and identify weaknesses in the systems, which are turned into strengths to boost productivity and increase profitability. Such reports are also used determine forecasts related to future demand. Gaps identified are sealed and opportunities capitalized on, to ensure growth of sales and ultimate business success.


As above discussed, there are a wealth of reasons why business owners should take advantage or inventory and order management software’s to better their business for ultimate success. It is clear that such software’s allow business to gain competitive advantage over their competitors by turning weaknesses into strengths and threats into opportunities. The software’s should hence be used by business owners, as critical weapons if they are to win the difficult battles that are typical of the …

Marketing Ideas for Catering services

Opening a catering business means you are going for a battle with other thousands of people who already have ventured into this business. To stand out from the rest of caterers you need to prepare good food and provide excellent customer service to your clients. But note that the food you give to your customers is not only the important ingredient of the catering business. Make sure you market your business which is a major element or a component for the success of your catering business.

If you are setting up a catering services business here are the marketing ideas that will make your business to be unique and to stand out.

Get Personal

This means connecting and having a good relationship with the people around you. This is the key to the success of your catering business. Make sure you find ways of impressing people. To get customers to network with golf clubs, exhibition centers, bridal shops, sports clubs, and wedding planners.

Note that when you are trying to connect with people if you become a wallflower it will not work at all. You need to go to offices and businesses and introduce yourself and inform the people what you are offering to them. Promise them to order your catering services at a discounted price.

Press Release

Use a press release to market your services. This is what to include in your press release. Write your own release informing the media that you are about to open a catering business. You should target local news media and food bloggers.

Include your personal history and information about your skills and experience in the catering. Make sure you are writing the press release using the third person tone and write it professionally.


As companies like CustomFresh have done, branding is very vital for your catering services business. Catering business will rely on the highest level of sophistication and style. A brand which does not sound well will not attract clients.

Farmers and Fairs

For your catering services business, you should not target bridal fairs only but also consider targeting other sectors and industries such as financial, legal, marketing, advertising, and production sector.

Set Up Open Houses and Tastings

In most cases, catering businesses will have bridal tastings. It is very crucial that you reach out too many people with different Make sure you create tastings with qualified leads and impress your audience through your delicious professionally prepared food. Let it be a regular event that you organize and plan. It will act as a major marketing strategy.

In conclusion, the catering business keeps on fluctuating according to the different seasons of the year. The business will fetch a lot of cash during weekends and holidays. Therefore, as a caterer, you need to create the correct financial balance and market your products wisely. Also, consider scheduling your financial year carefully.  For you to operate a catering business effectively, you need to deal wisely with customer relations, accounting, and marketing related issues.  …

What is Private Mortgage Insurance?

If you’re planning to take out a home loan you may have heard the phrase ‘private mortgage insurance’ bandied about. So what is it and who needs it?

In general, a lender will require you to obtain private mortgage insurance when your home loan is worth more than 80 percent of the purchase price of the home.

Basically, most lenders consider the ideal borrower as someone who can fund 20 percent of the home price. This shows that the borrower has significant ‘skin in the game’ – by investing a significant amount of money in the home they demonstrate a high level of commitment to the home and to meeting their loan repayments.

Moreover, it means that should the borrower default on the loan they will have equity in the home which they can be sold and used to pay off a good chunk of the outstanding mortgage. Accordingly, by lending to such a borrower the bank is taking less of a risk than if they lend the same amount of money to a borrower without such equity.

However, the bank won’t necessarily refuse to lend to you if you have less than a 20 percent down payment. What they will do to reduce their risk is to require you to purchase private mortgage insurance!

Private mortgage insurance or ‘PMI’ provides security for the bank in assuming the risk associated with lending to someone with less than a 20 percent down payment. This is because if the homeowner purchases PMI and they default on the loan, the insurance company will pay off the remaining balance of the loan. In turn, this means that the bank will not lose money if the borrower cannot pay their mortgage payments and end up in foreclosure.

The Federal Government has established regulations governing the imposition of PMI since it presents a significant an additional expense for consumers. In particular, the Homeowner’s Protection Act specifies particular rules that lenders must follow in relation to private mortgage insurance. These rules are designed to protect the borrowers and save them money. For instance, when a lender requires you to obtain PMI they must inform you of the amounts you must pay, when you must pay these amounts, the date you can stop paying them, when the PMI will automatically be canceled, your rights to terminate the PMI, and a phone number you can call to cancel the insurance.

Although many home buyers who borrow more than 80 percent of the purchase price of a home must buy PMI, there are also other circumstances where you will also have to pay for such insurance. The most common instance is where you have a poor credit score. A poor credit score means that you are a higher ‘credit risk’ to the bank, such that they will desire you to have PMI.

So how much does private mortgage insurance cost and when do you need to pay it? Well, you will typically be required to pay around.5 percent of the …