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Day: June 27, 2018

Second Chance San Diego Apartments For People With Broken Leases, Bad Credit Or Felonies

San Diego is a major California attraction and destination boasting thousands of unique visitors each year. These are attracted to the city by the pleasant climate and flowing picturesque beaches. The city is also a major commercial and transit center that links Mexico with the rest of California and the US with billions of dollars in trade each year. The city also attracts a lot of settlers; people who move here in search of business, work and academic opportunities. This puts a definite demand on the city’s many apartments. Renting an apartment unit in San Diego is more or less like renting anywhere else in any major US city. The apartments conduct background checks that center on the applicant’s credit, rental and criminal history. Of particular importance are broken leases which apartments in San Diego deem to be very serious. Applicants with a prior broken agreement with a previous apartment will most likely receive an automatic denial.

Places to rent with a broken lease and bad credit

Apartments which approve applicants who have had previous issues with other apartments elsewhere are generally known as second chance apartments. These are units which may or may not be located in section 8 areas of the city and which are usually willing to lease to problem tenants. Here are some places where one can rent an apartment if they have rental problems:

  • Allied Gardens
  • Alta Vista
  • Pacific Highlands Ranch
  • Bay Terrace
  • Black Mountain Ranch
  • Downtown San Diego
  • Clairemont Mesa
  • Del Mar Heights

The above is not an exhaustive list. There are many more units that can give applicants a second chance despite of a tarnished history. The challenge is being able to locate them because most of them do not easily advertise.

Important info to consider

Even though there are such kinds of apartments willing to grant approval to problem tenants, these apartments will nevertheless demand that those tenants fulfill a few basic requirements. One of them is being on a job at least six months. Some apartments will ask for a hefty deposit depending on the individual leasing office. Others will ask for three months of rent in addition to the deposit. One must also earn at least three times the amount of the rent.

Looking for such apartments in this apart of California can pose a challenge because as we said, they rarely advertise. The main reason they prefer to stay quiet is because they do not want a mad rush especially by people with problematic credit and history since this drives rental prices down.…

Cheap Health Insurance in Houston, Texas

Many people who live in Houston, Texas are facing a serious issue. They can’t afford to pay for health care insurance. As long as they fall below a specific income line, they can actually get free or low-cost health insurance through the Texas Health Care Insurance Risk Pool. For the many people who don’t qualify, they still want to find cheap health insurance in Houston, Texas and there are ways that can be done.

The best approach is to purchase a policy that only covers what you feel you need. There are several different types of plans that fall into this category including major medical policies and short term policies. Each offers limited coverage and you must be fairly certain that you won’t require anything above and beyond the coverage that is assigned.

Another great way to find cheap health insurance is through an employer. Many people who live and work in Houston, Texas actually inquire about health plans soon after being hired. The reason is that in most cases the premiums for employer based plans are substantially less than they are for individual plans. Also if both partners are covered, the coverage usually comprises all the health care needs of the family. Even though one person’s coverage needs to be utilized first as the primary plan, both can be accessed.

Every available health insurance plan has its own unique benefits. A person’s current and past health condition as well as any family history of health troubles should be taken into careful consideration before a final decision is reached. Your family’s health is obviously the most important issue you’ll ever deal with and ensuring that everyone is insured should be high on the priority list. It’s wise to take some time after speaking with a few different agents to sit down and look closely at the quotes, the coverage levels and your own situation in order to reach the best decision possible.…