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Day: June 12, 2018

Marketing Strategy and Movie Distribution Plans

It's too easy to neglect having a marketing strategy and movie distribution plan when producing on an indie film budget. Producers are focused on fleshing out a tight screenplay, firing cast and crew while keeping track of every dollar they spend. Studio budget movies hire goliath companies to develop a marketing strategy and movie distribution plan for their latest blockbuster.

Indie filmmakers have to get creative with their marketing strategy and movie distribution plan so their creative hard work does not just disappear after it's done. I've been learning a lot of good stuff by following what other filmmakers are doing to market a movie in order to make film distribution money.

One movie with a sexually driven theme created artwork and an attention grabbing marketing package that included condoms with the name of the film printed on them. I read they stand out at film festivals with this creative approach. There are also rare indie produced movies that are so damn entertaining they secure meaningful movie distribution without a strong marketing strategy to promote them.

But why take the gamble that your movie will be one of the rare ones? Thinking about a marketing strategy and movie distribution plan early as possible is what successful indie producers do. I do not read entertainment industry trades like The Hollywood Reporter or Variety because they do not have information based off the real life indie cinema scene.

I've been turning to blogs more and more that are ran by indie producers and filmmakers that share what marketing strategies and movie distribution plans have worked for them. I really like reading Indie Slate Magazine and MovieMaker Magazine because they spend time focusing on the business of indie filmmaking not just the creative part of the process.

Creating an online buzz for an indie feature is one of the most effective ways to market a movie without having to spend money you do not have. It only takes personal time to run a movie blog, Twitter account, Facebook page, Google +1 and other popular social networking outlets. Crowd funding for indie movies has really shown that people do respond to online marketing. The effort to keep a movie blog fresh and stay connected with people pays off in the end. Building interest for a movie online is the way to go.

Having an idea of ​​what the movie distribution plan is going to be will depend on what you want as a producer. Are you going to self-distribute or look to land a distribution deal with a company?

Movie self-distribution makes financial sense for smaller budget indie films. Self-distribution allows the creators to keep control of the rights to their movie. Less money has to be made from direct sales to make a real profit from a movie because there are not distribution fees and percentages taken out by a distributor. Many filmmakers have made money for their film investors and themselves from their work through self-distribution combined with an aggressive online marketing …

Why Floor Plans Are Important When Selling Your Home

You have decided to sell your home, hired an estate agent and de-cluttered every room of the house. You have also commissioned professional pictures of the house to showcase it. This places you on the right track, but there is actually something that you are forgetting. If you are thinking about trying to sell your home without providing the floor plan, you will need to think again. Floor plans can make or break the sale and will be as important in marketing your property as the professional pictures and captivating textual description for a number of reasons. Floorplanz are specialists in creating  Floor plans.

Providing Perspective

The pictures of your home will be picturesque while the floor plans will be to the point. Floor plans will give any potential buyer a true sense of the space that your home has to offer in a way that pictures cannot do. A simple glance at these plans will help the buyer determine whether or not the house will suit their needs.

Painting A Picture

The imagination of the buyer does not have to be piqued by detailed pictures of the house filled with very stylish furniture. When floor plans are done correctly, they can communicate if the house is going to be right for the buyer now and in the future. The floor plans will tell them if there are spare rooms that will be perfect when they plan to expand their family in the future. The floor plan will be able to communicate a lot of information to the buyer without them having to inspect and view your home multiple times.

Providing A Reality Check

If you have a buyer that is very serious about your house, the floor plans will give them an idea of the belongings they will be able to bring with them and what they will have to get rid of. When faced with this situation, a good set of floor plans will work better than any pictures. The floor plans will give the buyer a good idea of whether that large Italian armchair they have will fit in the bay window. While this is not something that is important to you as the seller, it could be the crucial point for any potential buyer.

Floor Plans Do Not Lie

When viewing a property, it is common for the potential buyer to become distracted or fall into a daydream. They might become fixated on a certain piece of furniture or the fittings and trim of the house. This can lead to the physical features of the house being forgotten by the buyers and this will leave them open to interpretation.

This is where the floor plan will come in handy. They will act as a reminder of the physical features and what is part of the house. They will also tell the buyer what will be there and will not when they return or move into the house.

They Can Inspire Change

A buyer can fall in …

I Am What I Am

I can not hear those words without thinking about the old Popeye cartoons, or the Robin Williams version from the big screen. I am what I am , as a result of the thoughts, feelings and actions I've had so far in my life. I also believe we come into this world with a specific purpose that plays a huge role in differentiating us from each other.

In the past few years I certainly feel I've gotten closer to re-discovering what that purpose is. For the first 30+ years of my life, I think I was living up to expectations. I was raised to have great manners, respect my elders, be respectful, be seen – not heard, and a number of other beliefs that my parents instilled in me. Most of those, I most grateful to have learned and adopted. Sometimes though, I wonder how my life would be different if I was not discouraged from speaking up when I had a question, or wanted to voice my opinion.

Now that I'm a parent myself, I'm very conscious of the fact that most of our beliefs that we hold through our lives are formed in our early years (I've heard everything from before the age of 5, to 7 to 10, but regardless of it's at an early age). While I do my best to teach my children to follow their passions, be independent and strong worship, I also by default follow my own programming instinctually.

Did you ever once say "I'll never talk like that when I have kids" and then find yourself sounding like an exact clone of your parents? I know there have been a number of times when I've done myself saying something exactly the way I remember my Dad saying it to me. The challenge is those programs are running automatically on a subconscious level, so replacing them takes a concerted effort.

A big part of that process for me has been following a path of personal development, reading, asking questions and tapping back into who I really am. I've learned to listen to my gut and my instincts more closely. I've done the goal setting and life planning exercises numerous times, and while they all vary slowly I now have a pretty clear picture of what I want my life to look at – and thankfully it's not that much much different than the one I'm living now.

I'm not saying everything about my current life is perfect, but I can definitely see that things are coming together the way I envisioned them, and I know I'm on the right track. The key now, is for me to stay the course. I believe if I'm persistent and committed to creating the life of my dreams, I will achieve it.

Some of the beliefs I've begun to question and challenge over the past couple of years are things like "you must work hard for money" and "money is the root of all evil". I'm not …