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Month: May 2018

How to Find Affordable Automobile Insurance in Arizona

Finding affordable automobile insurance for your Arizona vehicle may not be as difficult as you think. Shop around on the Internet for alternative quotes from various companies.

There are discounts and savings that you may not be aware of as follows:

1. Multi-Line Discount: Insurance companies offer discounts to policyholders that have more than one line of insurance coverage with them. Seek insurance quotes from the insurance company that is currently writing your homeowner or renter's insurance policy. Be sure to make them aware that you have other lines of coverage placed with them, especially if you're seeking quotes over the internet.

2. Non-smokers: Non-smokers are a more favorable risk to insurance companies than non-smokers. Now there would be a good time to kick the habit for both your health and your pocket.

3. Vehicle Safety Features: Newer vehicles come equipped with airbags and automatic seatbelts. These features and others like anti lock brakes will server to lower your auto promotions.

4. Higher Deductibles: How much can you afford to pay out of pocket in the event of a collision or comprehensive loss? If you can afford to pay the first $ 500 or even $ 1,000, you will earn a premium discount for the higher deductible. Get alternative quotes with various deductibles. Make sure the premium savings is worth the extra out of pocket expense. Remember, the deductible applies to each loss, not just the first one.

5. Accident Free: How is your driving record? If you have a clean driving record without accident or points, ask your insurance company for a clean driver discount. Companies may call it by different names, but make sure you specifically ask the question how much is my clean driving record saving me?

6. Multiple Auto: Insuring two vehicles with one insurance company is cheaper than two separate policies. If you have more than one vehicle, it only makes sense to cover them under the same policy. …

How to Make Money With This Stock Photography Business Plan

A stock photography business is a method to earn more money in the business of photography. Stock photographs are a collection of photos which are licensed for use in various purposes. These are used by people like book publishers, graphic artists, advertisers, etc to add creativity to their works. So due to the rising demand of such photos, selling stock photos have become a business by itself.

When you intend to start a stock photography business and sell stock photos to earn money, you must keep in mind certain things. Always choose and filter the photos you intend to keep in your list. In a stock photography business, more often quality is not as important as conveying the idea. People opt for stock photography, either when they do not have the time to go for a photo shoot or they are not able to acquire the required photo. So select and keep photos which are capable of conveying ideas across.

If you are selling your photos to a stock photo agency, you will have to comply with their terms and upload the photos in the specified formats and resolutions. Or if you are keeping the stock photos by your self, always go for a format and resolution which would suit the requirements of the clients.

Stock photography must not have any copyright or watermarks on it. These photos are intended for sale and reuse. So there is not point in putting a copyright mark on it. And if you are hosting your photos on a web site, be sure to use the apt keywords and tags so that search engines find you easily. You can refer the leading stock photo hosting web sites like ShutterStock, Fotolia, and so on for ideas on putting keywords and organizing the stock photos.

While, if you intend to sell your stock photos to a stock photo agency or web site that is also good. By doing so, you comply with the agency’s terms and either you will be paid a handsome amount for the pictures or each time somebody downloads your photograph, you get a percentage specified. This way, stock photos are means of generating income over and over again.

You can also take orders for producing stock photographs. The agencies will give you topics on which you need to take photos. This is a more effective way of selling stock photography. In the conventional method, the agency takes only selected photos out of the hundreds or thousands you submit. But when you capture photos based on the topic they give, the possibility that majority of the photos get selected is high.

Microstock is the latest form of a stock photography business and the photos are licensed for much lower fees. The sales of these kinds of photos are also on the increase. Microstock photos get sold in bulk and hence the photographer gets a fair enough amount with the sale. Though the amount per download is less compared to the common stock photos, …

Successful Business Leaders ‘Walk the Floor’

I’m sure most business leaders and managers have heard the saying ‘walking the floor.’ But are we doing it? What does it mean? And does it actually work?

It means making time on a regular basis to find out what’s really happening in your business (department or team) – literally walking around the place where your employees actually work.

Many successful business leaders believe it’s crucial to improving morale, performance and results.

They say it helps show employees that you’re interested in them – that you value their knowledge, skills and opinion, and that it can improve results – because by asking questions you get to know the real issues affecting business performance and can often get the best suggestions for resolving problems.

These business leaders believe it helps foster commitment and push forward actions to change problem areas much more quickly than would otherwise happen, because by dealing with them personally people see that you’re serious and this can empower them to take action quickly.

When I ask the business owners and managers I work with whether they ‘walk the floor’, some common themes occur. See if you recognise any of these statements:

  1. I don’t have time to go out and about meeting my staff; I’m too busy trying to do my job/get new business/sort out their problems. (I’m sure there are a multitude of statements you can substitute here – you get the idea!)

    If you say this yourself at the moment, then it’s clear you’re prioritising other things i.e. you don’t think it’s important enough!

    What if you could view this as one of the most important parts of your role as a business leader?

  2. I don’t have any staff, I work with associates, and they’re not based in the same office as me- so this doesn’t apply.

    Of course it doesn’t apply in the same way, in the sense of physically being with your team, but it can be applied in other ways. For example, you could set up regular meetings via Skype.

  3. My staff shouldn’t need overseeing, they should be doing the job they’ve been paid to do anyway!

    While I agree that most team members don’t need monitoring 24/7, the majority of them will respond to knowing that you are genuinely interested in what they’re doing, that you feel their job really matters to you, to the business and to your customers.

  4. It’ll just antagonise them if I go out and ask questions. Or they’ll think I don’t trust them and I’m checking up on them.

    Whilst it’s possible some may feel like this, in my experience and in the experience of many of my clients, the majority won’t – provided you are genuine, ask questions, listen, and praise appropriately.

    Also, I guess sometimes you will be checking up on them, or rather checking progress on actions! Again, provided you’re genuine and not constantly criticising, then I believe trusting relationships can be developed this way.

On the opposite side of the equation, when dealing …

What is a Business Opportunity or Biz Op Anyway?

We have all the term business opportunity but you know what he business opportunity actually is? Most of us have also heard the term Biz Op and this of course is just a shortened version of the word business opportunity. The actual legal definition of “business opportunity” is set by the Federal Trade Commission or FTC. And that legal definition may actually be changing soon if the Federal Trade Commission has anything to say about; and they do.

The new proposed definition of the business opportunity as outlined in the Federal Trade Commission’s report on business opportunities and proposed rule changes is listed below;

Proposed section 437.1(d): “Business opportunity”

“This definition establishes the proposed Rule’s scope. The proposed definition of “business opportunity” is intended to capture the sale of true business opportunities without regulating the ordinary sale of goods and services to businesses. The three definitional elements of the term “business opportunity” are: (1) a solicitation to enter into a new business; (2) payment of consideration, directly or indirectly through a third party; and (3) either an earnings claim or an offer to provide business assistance. Each of these elements is discussed immediately below.”

You see, the Federal Trade Commission is revising the franchise rule, which also encompasses business opportunities. This new definition will help serve the purpose of defining what he business opportunity actually is and that will help business opportunity sellers know if they fit into that category or if they have to look for a new category such as a franchise to see if they fit into that definition.

What other reasons that the FTC is looking to uniquely defining business opportunities is so that they can monitor the law and stop on ethical practitioners who are ripping off consumers when they sell them scams instead of business opportunities. There are many great business opportunity practitioners who are very ethical in every regard; unfortunately there are also less than ethical practitioners, which harm consumers and operate in a fraudulent way. Consider this in 2006.…

5 Quick Ways To Make Money From Home

With today's economy being what it is, somewhat stagnant; many people are trying very hard to come up with ways to make money from home. The unemployed, the recently downsized, even the retired grandmother need to find ways to earn money from home. Here are a few quick ways to make money from home.

1. Blogging

First, if you are seeking quick ways to make money, and you are a knowledgeable individual, you can start your own blog. The blog needs to be of interest to the public, and some of the blog programs on the internet today allow you to monetize your blog right away. To monetize your blog means to link it to one of the many advertising programs out there. These programs pay you for every click on the ads they place on your blog page or pages.

2. Writing Articles For Online Directories

Another of the quick ways to make money from home is article writing. There are many sites online which offer the opportunity to write about a variety of subjects. Some pay a penny per word, others pay substantially more. Most will base what you are paid on the level of your writing skill. Many will grade several of your articles to determine your average skill level. On these sites, research of the chosen subject is your friend and can lead to higher author ranking, which leads to higher per-word rates. You can see your earnings really add up.

3. Author Your Own Informational Articles

Then there are other sites, think of them as author sites, that allow you to create your own material on whiche subject you choose-complete with pictures or videos should you decide to include them-and that that will then add your approved articles to their directories . These sites pay for page views and advertising clicks, too. You also earn whenever someone downloads one of your articles to use on their blog or other web page. This is another of the quick ways to make money, but not as fast as others.

4. Online Auctions

Then there are those auction sites where you place items for sale. These are some of the quickest ways to make money. People shop online all the time. All you need is a product or some individual items to sell, pictures of these items to upload, a decent description, and decent pricing for the product and for shipping. If you offer decent items at decent prices and shipping rates, you are sure to make some money.

5. Create Your Own Website or Webstore

Make your own online business, either from some online franchise with its own products, or sell your own products or services. If you are a professional writer or transcriptionist, you can help potential clients find your site by placing links on pages or sites you visit regularly yourself. Or open your own online "dollar-type" store. …