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Day: May 28, 2018

How To Start Or Buy A Restaurant With No Money

So many people wish to start or buy a restaurant but don’t bother to push through with it because they don’t have enough cash. Not having enough cash to open a restaurant is not something that should stop you from realizing a dream. It is possible to start a business even if you only have very little money or no money at all.

There are things you can do to finance your dream business. Some veteran restaurateurs are able to open new restaurants, even if they have more than enough money. Ever heard of the expression “use other people’s money?” We can teach you how to buy a restaurant or start one from scratch on borrowed money. You will also learn how you can get that loan you need to capitalize your new business.

The first thing you need to do is to write a business plan. Writing a business plan not only makes it easier to plan your restaurant business, it is also needed in case you have to borrow money from a bank. Lending firms will require a business plan that shows that you can make your restaurant lucrative. Your lenders will want to see from your written plan that you know what your are getting into and that you have a solid strategy that will work.

Visit banks and lenders to apply for a loan. Bring copies of your business plan and other financial info. You will need to fill up application forms and give your financial details when you get there. Prepare a list of your assets and liabilities, these will tell your banker your net worth, which they also need for your application. Work with banks that will likely approve loans for small businesses. Apply for a small business loan.

If you plan to buy a restaurant, set aside 20{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc} of the total value of the business you intend to purchase. Some banks will still prefer that you pay a portion of the whole amount. If you don’t have enough money saved up for the 20{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc} down, you may try to get a home equity loan to get the value you need. Banks will want to see that you have your own money invested in the business to assure them that you will work hard to make the business work.

Another way to get money to buy a restaurant is to borrow from friends or relatives. You should still make it a legal business arrangement bound by a contract. Many friendships are ruined when this is taken for granted. Insist on binding your loan and repayment scheme with a legal contract even if some friends or family members don’t want to.

Get investment partners to raise capital. When choosing partners be sure that you don’t just get along personally but more importantly, that you and your partners have the same business goals and outlook. Once you find ideal business partners, discuss how work will be divided or how many percent in profits each partner gets. …

Debt Consolidation Solution

Debt Consolidation is a solution that solves your debts. Debt is a financial hazard. It occurs when you borrow money for some personal expenses and is unable to pay the amount back to the creditors on time. With this overpowering impact of consumer goods, individuals today are deep down in debts or prone to it. Debt has thus spread like a curse across the nation and become a threat for almost every individual.

Debt problems have taken the high tide with a huge number of people stuck with the disease of debt everyday. Almost the majority population suffers from debts. The criminal activities in the country have also gone high and one of the most responsible factors behind this is the debt crisis.


o BANKRUPTCY: One of the oldest schemes in debt solutions are the chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy schemes. The process of bankruptcy comes at your rescue, but with a lot of conditions. With a legal separation from the bondage of your partial debts bankruptcy is both flexible and rigid. In this process you have to follow a restructured payment scheme as per instructions from your creditors, where the tax payment lasts for a term of 3-5 years.

o DEBT CONSOLIDATION is the most acclaimed and thought after solutions for a debt free today. In this scheme we consolidate your debts, negotiate with the creditors, reduce your debts to a massive 40 per cent – 60 per cent and structure your payments in easy monthly installments. We also see that all your late fees and taxes are eliminated.

o PERSONAL SAVINGS: Once your debt problems are under control, you have to be very careful about your personal savings. We offer you free financial counseling given by our experts, who help you to restore and start building on your poor accounts.

You may be passing the worst phase of your life at the moment. But even when you are in the darkest dungeons of debts we have chalked out some real debtless ideas to set you free. Bank on us and we take charge of all your debt hassles and solve it the easiest, fastest and safest way.

We are an information base for those individuals considering a debt consolidation solution in order to get back on track with their finances. Our goal is to provide you with expert advice, pertinent information, and financial resources to help you reduce your overall debt and stabilize your financial life.

Please browse through our website for more information. …

Depression and Energy Healing – Recommendations and Suggestions

Does anyone get in to energy healing? This question was asked to me from a friend. My friend is terribly depressed and she is feeling like she is attracting negative energy to herself right now. Between a nightmare with car accidents in the last month, and insurance problems, and bills she thought were paid off showing up as collections, she is really feeling like she needs to cleanse her body and her aura or something! She reads in a magazine about energy healing and she thought she’d ask about it.

What I can suggest is to get bach flowers remedy. The Bach flowers are tinctures of various flowers that work to help you with depression and other psychological issues. They are fantastic and they really work. There are 38 different essences and I have found it to be one of the most interesting and rewarding things that I have learned to date.

I can only say that I am a big user of these flower remedies. Believe me, I have enough reason to be depressed. Not prepared to get into that here but this has been a method that has literally saved my life. Worth a try in my humble opinion.

Alternatively, you can do Reiki. One of my friends, John does Reiki, which is great on three counts. Firstly, it helps when your candida symptoms start coming on. Secondly, it calms the mind and with candida you find that you get stressed and frustrated more easily. In fact your personality seems to change due to the actual candida or the toxins given off. And thirdly, you can learn it yourself and its relatively cheap, its dead simple (all you need is your hands!) and you can do it anywhere any place.…