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Day: May 21, 2018

Make Money by Taking Surveys – Easy Work Great Pay

Make money by taking surveys from the comfort of your home is the latest craze among those who want to add to their regular source of income. There are hundreds of companies online which give you offers to make money by taking surveys which are sent directly to you on daily basis. The real challenge is to find out right companies which send you surveys regularly so that you can make money.

Many people are always looking for easy ways to make money online. Why not make money by taking surveys sitting at home? Nothing can be easier than this. However, always remember you can not become rich overnight by this method. These companies offer you money for your opinions about their products. Your opinions are very cruel for them. They invest a lot of money to improve their products and services. The money paid to the survey takers is an investment for survey seeking company.

The procedure to make money by taking surveys is a bit tricky. First of all you need to sign up with these survey seeking companies and fill up a lengthy about your interests, hobbies, location etc. You receive surveys only if you fall under the category of people these companies are seeking opinions from.

Initially you need to sign up for at least 20 such companies to generate a steady income. You can make money by taking surveys if you work smartly and regularly. Before signing up for these companies makes sure that you are aware of their payouts. Normally the more time a survey takes the better is the payout. If you are comfortable taking surveys which stretch up to 20 pages and may take up to 2 hours to complete you can easily make a few hundred dollars for one such survey.

The most challenging part is to find right right companies who pay you good money and send you surveys regularly. The good news is that this problem has been solved by many websites where you get a list of selected companies who pay you well. You can easily start to make money by taking surveys almost immediately after signing up. …

What Is The Qualification Criteria For Temporary Car Insurance?

If you have been traveling a lot and have just realized that it is not really financially viable for you to have a full blown annual car insurance policy, then it is highly like that you have heard or read about short term car insurance policies. As you probably already know by now, these types of car policies are those policies that are characterized by the small amount of time that they are valid for. As a matter of fact, a short term car insurance policy can only be taken out for a maximum period of 28 days. This is the only major difference between a normal car insurance product and short term car insurance product, if one considers the features and cover. However, in terms of qualification, the criteria of short term insurance tend to be more stringent. The following are a few things that you need to conform to if you wish to purchase a short term car insurance policy.

1. Residency:
You should know that you would not be allowed to purchase such a policy if you are not a permanent resident of the UK. In fact, you need to be a permanent resident of the country for, at least, a period of 12 months to be eligible for such a policy.

2. Age limit:
There is also an age limit to the procurement of this policy. If you are not 21 years old yet then you can not make such a purchase. Furthermore, you would also not be able to make a purchase like this if you are older than 75. Here, you can only buy the policy if you are between 21 and 75 years old.

3. Driving license:
In order to purchase such a policy, you also need to have a fully active and valid driving license that has either been issued by the authorities of the UK or authorities of the European Union. Also, a provisional license and a full license that is not 12 months old will not suffice.

4. Driving history:
Apart from the above mentioned requirements, you also need to have a reliably clean driving history. In practical terms, temporary car insurance providers demand that you do not have more than 7 penalty points in the last three years and also do not have any pending policy appeal against you. Moreover, you would also not be eligible if you have had more than two fault claims in the last three years. The final requirement is that you have not been disqualified from driving in the last five years.

As is more than evident, most temporary car insurance providers are extremely stringent when it comes to qualification criteria for applicants. Even so, all the requirements listed above are just there to ensure safety on the roads and any person who drives carefully would be able to qualify easily. Therefore, if you think you conform to all the points listed above, then you should get online immediately and get a short term …