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Day: May 9, 2018

Seven Simple Millionaire Mindsets For Making Money From Home

If it's really true that more millionaires earn their income with home based businesses, and network marketing in particular, then why are not more people tapping into their secrets to financial success?

With the rising costs of fuel, job losses and lack of free time, there is even greater reason for people to maximize their efforts, adopt a millionaire mindset and successfully work from home.

Apply these seven millionaire mindset strategies and make financial and time freedom "live at your house".

1. Shoot for dreams that are too big.

Have you noticed that Donald Trump does not build little motels on the outskirts of obscure towns?

And what about the actor Jim Carrey? It's said that while living in his rusty family van, and going from there to auditions in Hollywood, he clearly wrote a check to himself for a million dollars. It was his pledge to make it big, and he did. He never brave up on his dreams.

So why not dream big with your home based business? Shoot for dreams that are larger than what you would ordinarily dare to dream. Set a millionaire kind of goal and never give up.

2. What you learned in Kindergarten will take you to the top.

It's the simple truths that make a huge difference. Watch millionaires. They remember what they learned at age five.

Be polite. Respect others. Put your toys away. Take a short nap every day. Always say thank you. Play nicely with your friends. Say you are sorry. Share. Be on time. Eat your veggies. Be good to your parents and teachers. Never tell a lie. Laugh and others laugh with you. Do not push.

3. Sit. Stand. Run. Building a successful business is a bit of a battleground. You have competition, your own turf, and unexpected responsibilities.

So sit. Strategize. What's your agreement (your products and services)? What's your game plan? Call in the Generals (business consultants or partners) to help you set an aggressive, step by step business plan. Think like the top leaders in your industry.

Stand. Anyone who is a millionaire knows how important posture is. Not just the kind your mother talked about, like putting your shoulders back and not dragging your feet. But the subtle posture of attitude that is reflected in the way you walk, talk, listen and react. You stand tall, ready for action.

Run. When I was in charge of international trade shows for a large furniture manufacturer, a college pointed out how the top executives walked through the showroom. While we all scurried around, aware of deadlines, the executives paced themselves, walking separately, as if they owned the place. Well, they actually did, in their minds, and it showed. I changed my walking post from that day onward.

4. You Become Who You Associate With.

"Pick your friends carefully", my father warned me. "There's a good chance you'll adopt their attitudes and actions."

Likewise, choose business associates who reflect not only who you are, but who …