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Day: January 9, 2018

How to Start a Discount Card Business

Things you will need:

Business cards, business cards, and more business cards! You can easily find 1,000 quality cards for under $25, and this is an essential tool when promoting your service to local businesses.

Your business name. Something catchy, something available, and something that will appeal to your community. Registering your business name is important, if only to ensure that you don’t set up all the work just to have someone steal the name out from under you.

Getting your business license should be put off. The first year you will not charge anything, assuming you build the business in preparation for a January launch, and as a result it will prove to be an unnecessary fee. But we’ll get into that a bit later.

HOWEVER, there is an amendment to the above suggestion. There are many reasons to join your local chamber of commerce, mostly related to meeting and networking with other local business owners. This will, however, require that you have your business license. Also, one or two businesses may not work with you without this. I’ve only had one person make a fuss. I went out and got my license the next day. But I still feel that this can be started without it, if you are short on money.

How the process works:

You find businesses that are willing to offer a year round discount to exclusive card holders. With some hard work, you should have no less than 70 businesses in time to print.

The point is, people will pay for the card for two reasons: That it benefits the community, via fundraisers, etc, and that it appeals to them in the way of offering some serious savings. Big businesses will often say no. Not always, but even offered free, some people will either believe you to be up to something, or they have been hassled by advertisers for so long that they are cold inside.

Do not get discouraged. Start focusing on small businesses. These people don’t have a lot of money for advertising. They are excited to find something that’s free. And once you have THEM, you have a legitimate image which paves the way to more businesses joining.

So, you’ll offer to add businesses for free for the first year. This gives you the numbers you need, and, let’s be honest, you really need them. But don’t worry. The sales of your cards will generate an impressive ROI, all of which will be used to continue the next year with the goal of charging businesses between $100 and $800 to participate.

You will need to design the booklets yourself, assuming that you are a bit short on cash. Photoshop should do nicely. If you stick to a basic color listing, including a logo, discount and contact info, you should be able to fit all your businesses within an 8 to 12 page booklet. If you do not have the technical know-how, you should be able to hire someone locally, and at …

Creating Money, Prosperity, and Abundance Now (Part 2)

Giving and Receiving

It seems that people generally find it easy to give, but more difficult to receive. Receiving is a very important part of giving. Both keep that energy circulating in our lives. And they keep prosperity flowing in our lives.

I've learned that we should receive with joy and gratitude. Thank the person and thank the Universe. In this way, you keep the doors open to receive even more. And you may even receive money and prosperity from unusual sources. "Creating Money" offers an exercise (one of many) that you can do right now. It suggests that you ask the Universe to send you money through a new channel in the next several weeks and acknowledge it when it comes. Try it and see what happens!

And do not forget to accept compliments. Just smile and say, 'thank you'.

Accept money and gifts only when they're given freely. I've learned that the only times you do not want to accept money or gifts are when there are strings attached, or if someone is trying to buy your friendship.

Giving is an important part of receiving. Giving could come in many forms together things, such as your time, your skills, your good examples, etc. I've learned that it's important to give gifts that really serve and assist people, something they can really use in their lives. Through my life I've enjoyed giving my time and skills doing volunteer work for charities I truly believe in. And I've donated money to organizations I truly believe in. It's such a great feeling to give in this way. And when we give freely, the Universe will give to us freely.

By the way, it's important for us to give to ourselves also, to keep that energy flowing.

Then, there are times when it is not right to give. That's when we give with strings attached or when we feel obliged to give or when we have expectations about the gift we are giving. Doing this creates a block in our energy flow. We must always give freely, and with detachment.

In my experience, I've learned that giving to people who are always in need, who always need to be rescued from a situation, who are always in the same situation, no matter how many times you've given them, can actually harm them and stifle their growth. They can become dependent upon you. There is a reason why they keep pointing their magic desires toward lack. Maybe they have important lessons to learn, and if we constantly give to them, they never learn to empower themselves. I've learned that it is best to assist them to create their own prosperity and abundance.

Manifesting Tool # 1

The Magic List

First, I would like to share with you a tool I've used successfully, beginning early in my life. I know that many others have used this tool successfully and authors have written about it, especially in recent years. It's actually very simple and very …