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Day: March 6, 2017

How to Start a Walking Business

Starting a hiking or walking tour business can be fairly simple, and it offers many benefits to business owners. You do not have to live near a National Park or tourist attraction to make this business work. In fact, there may be multiple hiking or walking business location opportunities right under your nose – and there may be virtually no competition!

There are also other benefits that a walking or hiking business provide, such as exercise, weight loss, social activity, animal watching or simply getting an escape from a daily routine. If any or all of these activities interest you, this may be your ideal career.

At first glance, a walking business might appear to have little opportunity with a small customer base. But think again. In a hiking business, you have opportunities to lead different types of one-day trips and even expand to week-long hiking adventures to remote locations. There is not just one target market, either. You can center your business around a certain level of hiker – from beginner to advanced. In addition, whiles some people enjoy occasional hiking trips, other hiking enthusiasts want to join a regular hiking club that meets weekly or several times a week.

Another factor to think about when you start your business is location. The sky is almost the limit. You can opt to conduct hikes or tours in one area, or you can add variety to your work schedule by exploring new areas. You can lead hiking or walking tours in cities, states or even countries. You may even want to package the hikes or walks as organized group trips – with travel and accommodations included.

As expected, the ideal person to operate a hiking or walking business enjoys the company of other people, meeting new people, spending time outdoors and exercising on a routine basis. When working with groups of people from different backgrounds, having patience and flexibility will make the job easier. If you like teaching, that is an added bonus.

Do not forget your competition. Are there other businesses in your area offering the same or similar service? Ideally, you want to lead hiking or walking tours where you do not have to worry about several other companies competing for the same customers. Less competition makes getting customers much easier.

If there is substantial competition with other hiking or walking groups nearby, consider differentiating your hikes or tours. Sometimes you can lessen or even eliminate competition simply by focusing on a different market like seniors, families with small children or people who want to lose weight.

When it comes to promoting your walks or hikes, you will use different marketing strategies depending upon whether your prospects are local or from out-of-town. Start by printing informational brochures and hiking schedules. Leave some at your city or county visitor center, chamber of commerce or parks and recreation office. City libraries, cafes and community colleges sometimes allow brochures and flyers to be displayed, and they usually attract lots of people …

Crude Oil Business – Why Most Facilitators Never Make It

There is no doubt crude oil business is a very lucrative business, you do not have to be rich to facilitate a deal. All you need is a genuine buyer and a genuine seller. It has become very difficult for buyers to meet genuine sellers and vice versa, this is due to the fact that there are many fraud perpetrators out there trying to leakage on the information they have to brisk money out of innocent buyers. This has increased the doubt of genuine buyers of Nigerian crude, it has forced them to think of every Nigerian who tries to facilitate a deal as a potential fraudster. When these foreign prospects try to negotiate a deal, they become stiff in their bargains and would rather want the seller to work with their own procedures. The issue of the seller putting forward a 2{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc} performance bond first comes into play, the buyer would have the seller raise a bond first and the seller on the other hand would rather want the buyer to raise a proof of fund in the form of MT 799, Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee, MT 103.

The facilitator plays a major role in negotiating a crude oil deal in the sense that he serves as the middle man. It is not easy being a facilitator, you need to have a convincing power, you have to be clear in your understanding of the business, and you should be able to give the seller mandate every bit of information needed whether via telephone or email. The reasons why most facilitators do not make it and get frustrated is not far fetched.

Long Chains: This is always a problem which limits most facilitators, when there are too many people standing as facilitators before the mandate, it posses a whole lot of problem in the sense that distribution of information is slow. A buyer might need a product and require information, but because the facilitator has to go through many hands before getting the information, it makes the buyer loose trust.

Commission splitting becomes a big problem as most of these facilitators are frustrated and motivated by greed, the issue of which group takes how much sets into play and they come to no reasonable conclusion leading to waste of time and resources. Some buyers do not like the issue of presenting an SPA with too many account details on it, they prefer only one paymaster; Since no deal because there are many groups involved in it and they all have different account details. The greed of facilitators make this business arduous, sometimes a facilitator may claim to be working with some other group of facilitators that do not exist. The account details which is supposedly meant for the other group they claim belong to them or some colleagues of the heads, this makes it tiring.

Another point to note is this, before you proceed on any deal; Ask your contact what he stands for (Facilitator or Mandate). If he …