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Day: February 27, 2017

The Essentials of Customer Service Skills in Today's Business Environment

Every thriving business today requires good customer service skills. It is important to keep existing customers as well as creating new ones. Customer service is the heart of the customers buying experience and businesses that provide great service to customers distinguishing them among the rest in this very competitive world.

This is the main reason why many successful companies make this an important element in their agenda. Many businesses go out of their way way and hire professionals with outstanding service oriented attitude to provide excellent customer service.

"What is a good customer service and why is it important?"

Firstly, let us go over the main qualities of a good customer service to help recognize the importance of these qualities.

Primarily, good customer service skills include sound knowledge of the product and company, a very good understanding of the spoken and written language, ability to listen to and understand a customer's request, problem solving skills, flexibility and professionalism.

  1. An effective way to provide good customer service satisfaction is a good sound knowledge of the company, its products and services. In order to effectively address customer needs, customer service people must know what they are talking about.
  2. Good communication skill is the lifeblood of the service industry. Responses whenever spoken or written should be free from any grammatical errors. A positive and upbeat tone is always helpful especially during first encounters with customers; This shows enthusiasm and confidence that a positive outcome will be expected in the end.
  3. Listening skills should be excellent for this will determine ones ability to provide the right response to client requests or query. Good listening skills helps in understanding the specifics of the problem and effectively gives the customer the feeling of being valued.
  4. Problem solving skills should be on top at all times during a customer client encounter. Customers seek customer service because they have a need that the company can provide and in order to keep the customer satisfied, being able to resolve their problems right away by asking the right questions is a sure-fire way to provide a solution.
  5. Flexibility means ability to adjust to situations. Each customer has different needs and flexibility skills means being able to address effectively the dynamics of every customer encounter.
  6. Professionalism shows when all these qualities are combined plus the right attitude and confidence to represent the company. Being courteous, respectful and friendly at all times whatever the situation is. Professionalism should be displayed not only towards customer but also towards team members, company and competitors.

Employees must understand that customers are the one bringing business into the company. They must understand that providing service does not only mean meeting the needs of the customers, but going over and above customer satisfaction. Going an extra-mile to provide excellent service will keep customers coming back.

Companies should provide excellent training consistently to their employees so they are up-to-date with modern work place practices to consistently deliver great customer service. Customer service skill-training methods ensure employees have proper …

The Strategies, Goal & Objectives of Business Conference Organisers

With a simple ‘click of a button’ you will have access to a large number of professional websites of Business Conference Organisers. Unlike a couple of decades ago, where you had to depend on telephones and ‘snail mail’ to find the right organiser for your event, today technology has brought this facility right up to your home or office. You have the opportunity to just sit by your PC and study all the features, rates, services etc. that these organisers offer, before deciding with whom you plan to hand over your assignment.

Most of the leading organisers of trade and consumer events excel in creating high profile, highly targeted business and consumer events which help to establish and maintain good business relationships and also generate new business avenues.

Some of the leading Business Conference Organisers handle events internationally – they conduct events in a number of leading countries, bringing great numbers of active event participants of the consumer world, together. These international organisations have their network of offices in many countries, and are every effective in handling any type of trade and consumer events of the business industry. They are also renowned in delivering and bringing together a large number of business contacts to these events which is a valuable feature in the world of consumerism.

Majority of the present day business conferences are combined with exhibitions. Exhibitions are influential, flexible and are a highly cost-effective business tool. They can be considered as a significant wealth generator in their own way. In established economies, exhibitions are a vital part of the marketing mix, alongside with direct selling, advertising, direct mail and the Internet. Business Conference Organisers recommend the combination of exhibitions as they are a major stimulus in the new and emerging markets for industrial and commercial development. Given below are a few reasons:

– Driving industrial development and technology transfer

– Boosting regional and national industry

– To motivate and improve foreign investment in industry and infrastructure

An exhibition will also have a major impact on local and national economies:

– It generates direct spending on local hotels, restaurants, transport etc.

– Creates employment opportunities – directly in convention centres, hotels, restaurants etc. and indirectly assists in the development of small and medium enterprises

– It help increase the city/regional profile

Business Conference Organisers feel that exhibitions are one of the most effective mediums to establish and maintain customer relations.

Here are some common reasons for attending exhibitions:

  • To consolidate business relationships
  • To solve specific problems
  • To find new markets
  • To appoint agents/seek principals
  • To discuss specific terms/conditions/pricing
  • To obtain technical knowledge
  • To discuss business needs in an unbiased environment

These renowned conference organisers tend to project their objectives beyond the organisation of trade shows and conferences. Their role is more likely to a relationship broker – identifying, targeting, attracting and matching the needs of buyers and suppliers. The main objective of Business Conference Organisers is to maximise business and networking opportunities through the organisation of conferences and events.…