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Day: November 19, 2016

Psychic Abilities and Money in Palmistry

This is an important part of the reading, as everyone who has been to any sort of reader before will have been told that they possess psychic abilities, latent perhaps (very latent even!) but there nonetheless. Consequently, you will have to make some mention of this as well, because it will add credibility to your reading.

There are two main positions to look at on the palm for this, and they are shown on the drawing below.

Psychic Abilities

The first of these is a semi-circle around the base of the first finger, usually about half an inch away from the bottom of the finger. This is called the Ring of Solomon.

When I see this I say:

“This is known as the Ring of Solomon. IT gives an interest in the psychic and is possibly why you are her today.”

I then look diagonally across the palm for a Line of Intuition, which is a small line running into the centre of the palm from the bottom end of the hand on the same side as the little finger. This line is often hard to see, or not present. If it is there I comment:

“This is your Line of Intuition. Your Ring of Solomon gave an interest in the psychic. This gives ability at it. It it very rare, in fact only about one person in a hundred has it (not true). You should always act on your hunches or feelings as, with this line, they would always be correct.”

If the person has long fingers, I add:

“However, you are basically a very logical person, so you may have to learn to put aside your rational, logical mind and let your feelings flow. It may not be easy, but with this line, your feelings would be right, so you could ultimately take it a long way.”

If someone has two Lines of Intuition, (two lines close together) I say:

“Your feelings could come very well through dreams. It is not always easy to remember your dreams, but if you tried, and possibly keep a dream diary by your bed, you could take in a long way.”

Occasionally you will find a Line of Intuition which comes right down the hand and reaches either the Destiny Line or the Head Line. If it reaches the Head Line I say:

“As your Line of Intuition comes right down to your Head Line, you would make a very good psychic or spiritual teacher. It looks as if you have developed your abilities quite a bit, but you are going to take these special gifts much, much further in the future.”

If, however, it comes across to the Destiny Line, I say:

“With your Line fo Intuition coming across to join your Destiny Line, you will find that your psychic abilities will take you long way ultimately. This could come about through telepathy, clairvoyance, even through foreseeing the future. You could spend time and effort on developing intuitively and spiritually, as …

How to Start Your Own Mobile Screen Repair Service Business

You can start and run your own business, as a mobile screen repair service business, and make good money doing it. Most all homes have screens on the windows, to help keep the bugs out when the window is open. Lots of screens get rips and tears, and look unsightly after a few years in the weather.

You do not have to buy new screen windows to make them like new again, you can fix them right on the spot for home owners and businesses.

You can replace the old screens with new ones, at a fraction of the cost of new screens. You can buy screen material at home improvement stores, and they also have the hand tools to cut, and replace the screen material, and make it look nice, tight, and new looking again.

You can call some local screen repair service companies, and get an estimate to see how much they are charging for screen repairs, and that would give you a good idea what the going rates are.

You can make up some fliers, and put them in sandwich baggies, with a few stones or pebble to give them a little weight, and then drive around slowly and toss them into each driveway you slowly drive by, to get new customers to call you . You should also have some nice signs on your auto, so customers can call you to fix their screens.

You can make up a flier and contact house painters, landscapers, window cleaners, and more, and offer to give them a commission for any jobs they send your way. …