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Day: September 28, 2016

Understanding Group and Personal Ethics – Nu Leadership Series

Men cease to interest us when we find their limitations. The sin is limitations. As soon as you once come up to a man’s limitations, it is all over with him.


In today’s society, personal and group ethics shape the value formation in organizations. Ethics and organizational culture can impact the success of an organization in the following ways: (a) group cultures influence ethical behavior more than the sum of their individual ethics, (b) ethic reasoning is a logical sequence where policies come last, making policies the result of ethical reasoning, not a substitute for it, and (c) ethics and culture gaps can only be reduced by preventing their root causes at the beginning of the process. Ethics in organizations are influenced more by the group ethics system (culture) than by the sum of the individual personal ethics systems.

Ethic plays a critical role in leadership. Ethics is defined as the code of moral principles that governs the behavior of a person/group to what is right. People will not respect a leader low in integrity. A leader can’t trick them with promotions or bribe them with money. In the long run, character does count in an effective organization. Draft, an organization management expert, explains that leaders at the highest management levels develop internal moral standards that can often allow them to break laws if necessary.

A leader’s unethical conduct brings about his own demise and shame of his organization. Therefore, it can be shown that effective leaders must have accountability mechanisms in place so that they won’t hit any ethical mine fields. Can you imagine what happens in an organization without accountability?

Each individual brings their own personal beliefs into the workplace. Leaders are not the exception. An individuals family background, traditions, spiritual values, and experiences impact how the make moral decisions. At the medium development point, individuals learn to conform to the expectations of moral behavior defined by their peers and society. Most leaders at this junction are willing to following laws and society expectations.

However, the highest levels of value formation are individuals who develop their own internal set of standards. Therefore, these individuals develop their own ethical principles that become more important in their decision-making than any external expectations. This high arching principle allows them to make unethical decisions, such as break laws or compromise organizational values, because it allows them to sustain their moral principles internally. Obviously, values will continue to play a critical role in organizational development in the future.


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Teddy Bear Grief Healing

If you are wanting to understand and heal your grief, if you want to find new purpose and happiness in your life “Teddy Bear Doctoring” is not your best option. Healing from horrendous grief and loss requires much more than sticking a thermometer in a Teddy Bear and playing doctor.

When faced with dreadful grief “what to do” and “how to do it” are gigantic questions. As you mourn you feel torn apart; you have special needs. You feel helpless and indecisive and hope is fleeting. I am truly sorry for your sorrow and loss.

Reaching beyond Teddy Bear treatment for grief relief requires other more beneficial care. Important action-oriented tips will help you move beyond your grief and loss and find new peace and joy.

Seek Valuable Support

It is my sincere hope that you have available the very best support from others. As you begin to work through your sorrow you will find the need to seek and accept support. In addition, you must be compassionate, and true to yourself, to begin nurturing your healing journey.

Reconcile Your Grief and Heal

Reconciling your grief is necessary for the healing is in the reconciling of your loss and sorrow. Having the courage to care for your personal unique needs will help you discover the new you and begin a fullness in living a happy life.

Your Best Alpha Actions

Certainly, horrendous grief and sorrow bring volatility into one’s life. Unwanted and often unexpected grief and loss happenings highlight how volatile your personal life can be. In order to stop grieving and start healing, first order of personal preference should be your best alpha actions. To maximize your inner happiness, peace and empowerment to heal, your alpha must be your preferred actions.

Your alpha actions should lead you from sorrow and misery to happiness, peace and a fuller life. Decide what alpha actions should lead you from sorrow, misery and loss to happiness, calm and joy. Turning grief, loss and sorrow into healing moments – one transformation breakthrough at a time – should be your true alpha challenge.

Begin Today

“To get up each morning with the resolve to be happy is to set our own conditions to events each day. To do this is to condition circumstances instead of being conditioned by them.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Some wait thinking if they hibernate that in the spring they will arise and be healed. Although it may be necessary for you to take a brief hiatus from your devastating sorrow and loss, simply waiting is not a useful option. You must be proactive in your efforts to find new happiness. Take time today to brainstorm all the things you think you can do to bring happiness and peace into your life. Take time to write down the four actions or steps you could take to move to a better place in your life. Decide which if those steps you will take here and now.

You Are Stronger Than You Think

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of 3rd Party Motor Insurance

Insurance coverage is some of the best tools available when it comes to risk management. Understanding 3rd party car insurance is essential if you wish to learn about the pros and cons which go along with it. This article will talk about the definition of third party auto insurance as well as the pros and cons that come with it.

Understanding 3rd party car insurance

Third party auto insurance is also referred to as liability coverage. These terms are used to describe a kind of insurance which will pay out a certain settlement to 3rd parties if your vehicle should be involved in an accident. Many countries have laws in place which state that is the minimum quantity of insurance coverage that all car owners need to have. This is because 3rd party car insurance will pay for any and all damage to a third party’s property that is a direct result of any sort of accident involving your automobile.

Various insurance providers have different deals available with regards to 3rd party vehicle insurance. It is up to you to determine which package and just how much coverage will be the best choice. If you choose a low amount of coverage then you may find yourself in a situation where your insurance policy doesn’t cover all costs related to damage to a third party’s property. However, high coverage limitations can cost you a great deal more in monthly premiums.

The Pros Of Third Party Vehicle Insurance

The biggest pro of getting third party vehicle insurance coverage will be the proven fact that you would be financially protected in the event that you are liable to pay for damage inflicted to another’s property as a result of an accident. Your insurance company would settle the total amount owing. If you did not have third party insurance you would then be taken to court and would need to pay for all damage from your bank account. Many people don’t have this kind of cash readily available.

The Disadvantages Of Third Party Automobile Insurance coverage

There’s truly only one notable disadvantage or downside when it comes to third party insurance coverage. This is the fact that many car owners feel like they are paying for something they will never make use of. Actually, numerous car owners are lucky enough never to require this insurance coverage. However, one cannot know when something like a collision or car crash will happen and therefore, you always need to be prepared if you wish to safe guard your own financial situation. In the event that a separate 3rd party car insurance policy is working out to be too costly every month then you should consider shopping around for an umbrella policy. These policies are comprehensive and are made up of some different types of insurance policies but because of the fact that you are opting for a package deal, you’d benefit from a huge saving.

The advantages that come with 3rd party car insurance policies far outweigh …