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Day: July 17, 2016

Term Life Insurance for a Person with Spina Bifida

If you, a loved one or a child suffer from the birth defect of Spina Bifida you may already know that obtaining term life insurance can be difficult and expensive. With recent advances in medical technology and procedures, however, many people with this defect are living longer, more productive lives and insurance companies are taking notice by beginning to offer more choices for such policies at rates that are typically lower than have been seen in the past.

When seeking out an insurer for such term life policies it is important to look at the insurer ratings given to the company by not only such companies as A.M. Best but by other consumers who have purchased policies from them. The last thing you want to have to deal with when you have to file a claim against the company is the insurer’s refusal or inability to pay.

Many organizations and support groups for this particular defect have lists of preferred companies to deal with who not only understand your unique situation, but also offer policies that are fairly priced and spell out clearly under what conditions they will pay. With any type of disease or defect that could ultimately lead to an untimely death you will find that insurers usually include clauses in the policy itself that specify that for a certain period of time from issuance the company will only pay a reduced amount. This is to protect them from issuing policies that might be claimed immediately because of the disease and seriously impacting their financial stability.

Your best bet for this type, and indeed all types, of life policies is to talk with your agent directly who can help you create a policy that meets your family needs as well as protect for the future. Agents are there to help you and are the direct liaison between you and your insurance company.…

How to Launch A Premium Rate SMS Service in Kenya Using Bulk SMS

Why You Should Start A Premium Rate Service Sending Text Messages to Subscribers

Over 16 million people use mobile phones in Kenya. You are able to reach millions of people who are looking for information and are willing to pay you for it through bulk SMS . You would be learning upwards of Kes 2.78 shillings per SMS which, when you add the numbers up, is quite a return.

How to SMS using premium rate SMS How to text message using Premium Rate SMS

Say we have set up for you and shown you how to SMS Gujarati Language lessons to your subscribers:

(A) To introduce a client to your service, you simply ask them to SMS your chosen code word, say "Gujarati", to 5242.

(B) Once your client sends a text message with the word "Gujarati" to 5242, he shall be automatically registered to receive the daily Gujarati text messages that you provide;

(C) You will have provided us with a list of SMS text messages of Gujarati lessons (say 30 SMS text messages, 1 SMS text message lesson per day for 30 days);

(D) Every morning your client will receive one lesson by SMS text message for the rest of the month;

(E) Depending on the volume of SMS text messages per month, you will make gains of Kes 2.78 for every SMS text message that is received by your client;

(F) For example, if you have 5000 clients, you will be sending out 5000 SMS text messages per day. At a rate of Kes 3 per SMS text message, you will be making Kes 15,000 per day or Kes 450,000 per month. Kenya has 16 million plus mobile users. It is not difficult to secure more than 10,000 users for your service. Do the math;

How to SMS Business Tips using premium rate service or bulk SMS

Market for Business Tips

Kenyans are increasingly entrepreneurial with what is unfortunately called "the informal sector" dwarfing corporate business in the sheer volume of transactional volume and the claim on the population of Kenya.

With a 40{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc} unemployment rate (a figure I believe to be a gross underestimate, especially when the authorities consider self-employment to be unemployment), many Kenyans wish, secondly only to getting a job, is getting education.

The wealthiest Kenyans are not employees but politicians with business interests and businessmen with or without political interests. Kenyans are there before enamored to business one way or the other. This makes them very hungry for tips on how to succeed in business.

Outside formal education books, the best selling titles in the book market are what are called management and self-help literature. As Kenyans become busier, tips on what they would have read from these books. There is a carvenous gap between the desired and possessed business knowledge. You can fil this gap using premium rate SMS.

Setting up the premium rate SMS channel

1. The first step is to contact a Premium Rate Service Provider.

2. In the first …

Lease a Vehicle Without Using Personal Credit

By now all of us of heard about the challenges that many face with credit today. Not only has increasing job losses created a scenario where people can’t make their payments on time, but credit has become more more difficult to get, it least in most financial channels.

I strongly recommend seeking corporate credit, and learning everything that is available to someone who takes the time to build business credit. Business credit is a great solution to obtaining vehicle leases, credit cards, and bank lines of credit for those who have personal credit problems.

In the past credit for business was primarily reserved for those who could afford spending thousands of dollars too corporate credit services and business credit companies to build their business credit score on a new business entity. Today, technology combined lists a robust team of experts anyone who is seeking the ability to build business credit on a new or existing business editing such as a limited liability company or corporation can achieve this for under $300.

This has opened the door for many people who are considering to start a secondary stream of income or even a part time business. You can now simply form and LLC or corporation yourself and quickly in a matter of weeks and months build substantial amounts of corporate credit including leasing a new vehicle that requires nothing more then a good Paydex score.

The purpose of business credit is too obtain Financial Resources for a business with out risking your personal score and personal assets. Business credit does not require a personal guarantee. It does not require an existing or operating business. A good corporate credit system will step-by-step walk you through the process is any help you apply to the right lenders that will get you approved.

It’s important to note that many business lenders do not report to the three major reporting bureaus, Dun &Bradstreet, Experian business, and Equifax business. Only 10{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc} of the corporate credit lenders report to these bureaus. So when the initial stages of establishing corporate score it’s important to know which lenders will give you a positive credit rating. This is how you bill a strong Paydex credit score for your business.

So if you’re faced of not knowing how long it’ll take to repair personal credit, I strongly urge you to take advantage of the way business credit is being built today. It’s much easier to build business Paydex from the beginning with a new business entity then waiting for personal credit repair. You will have much more credit available to you using business credit then you will have available under personal credit. And all this can be done in a matter of weeks or months. Obtaining $100,000 in various lines of business credit is a common scenario for many who use the right business credit system.

Do not spend thousands of dollars, with companies who want their money up front. The best corporate credit companies get paid when they get your …