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Day: July 10, 2016

Astrological Choices – Personal Sensitive Points – Midheaven, Ascendant, Nodes

There is quite a difference between intersection points in space and the physical bodies we term the planets. A planet occupies a specific location and has mass, orbit, speed, energy, influence and orb. An intersection point in space has none of that. There is no body, no mass, no orbit, no energy of its own, yet astrologers and astronomers bestow such a point with both motion and influence. Why? As astrologers, how would you feel if you did not have the ascendant, the midheaven or the lunar nodes to work with? That got your attention, didn’t it? I cannot imagine a chart without an accurate ascendant because I am not a solar chart astrologer. I cannot imagine a chart without an accurate midheaven, nor can I imagine a chart without lunar nodes. Most astrologers use those three points on a regular basis and they are not physical objects, they are merely intersection points in space.

The ascendant in a chart is an intersection between the ecliptic (Earth’s orbit around the Sun), which is the centerline of the zodiac belt and Earth’s eastern horizon at the moment of birth. We look to the eastern horizon at the moment of birth to determine the degree and sign of the ascendant. There is usually no object there. Most of the time it is a point of empty space. Occasionally a planet will rise along with the ascending degree and the planet and the empty point are considered individually. Each individual body or intersection has value and each can overlap in influence. For example, of Gemini is the rising degree then communication and information will be a strong influence on the individual. If Mars is also happens to be rising at that moment, Mars will add its influence and the communication and information indicated by Gemini rising will become faster, more active, and can, at times, be belligerent or assertive. Most astrologer use the rising sign as if it were a planet and it is not a planet. It is, however, an important personal sensitive point, that we would not want to lose for interpretation.

The same is true of the midheaven. The midheaven represents the highest point to which a planet can rise at the moment of birth. It is that point before that planet starts to move towards the descendant or setting point. Midheaven is commonly confused with zenith. Zenith is the 90 degree angle to the horizon (directly overhead). The midheaven may or may not be at that 90 degree angle at the moment of birth. At times zenith and the midheaven do coincide. If I were locating zenith or midheaven, either would be an empty point in space. Each of these points have influence and motion even without a planet in that location or point in space. The distinction is important because each succeeding four minutes of birth time brings up one degree later of the zodiac on the midheaven. The zenith moves with a slight variation depending on the …

Knowledge Is the Key to Success

Successful people know how to get things done. They rely on their knowledge received through experience and education. The most successful have extended their horizons by expanding their education even after they are working for a living. They were studious when they were young, reading everything they saw, and they continue to educate themselves as they grow older. The education that gives them knowledge is the key to success.

I know a number of young millionaires that did not inherit their money. In fact they became rich because they did not have enough money to achieve their goals. Three of them were having a difficult time paying for a college education. While in college they learned to earn money on the Internet. None so far have gone on to obtain an advanced degree, at least not during working hours. They are running their businesses, making more money. One earned over $500,000.00 while in college.

The thing I see about these fellows is that they never stop learning and they never stop sharing their knowledge with others. They do take time off their work but even then they are working at least mentally. They are like that little rabbit that goes, goes, goes.

Somebody said, “It is not what you know but who you know.” This is important because people we know give us knowledge that we need to succeed. My rich friends associate with very successful people. They form a vast pool of knowledge that leaves the rest of us in the dust financially.

It could be, “It is not what you know but who your parents are.”

Rich parents have rich kids. Poor kids have nothing material to speak of. Rich kids are usually well-educated, grounded in the family business, and are often very boring because of their structured lives. Poor kids are always striving. If they strive first for education, they will achieve some of what they need to succeed in life.

I had an older friend when I was little who had a mind for business. Where he got this I do not know for sure but I suspect his father who was in business for himself. His two brothers were the same way. Such aptitude was rare in our neighborhood.

I would walk the highway with my friend, Paul, and we would pick up bottles tossed from cars. With a sack of bottle we would return to the neighborhood grocery and sell them for the deposit. But we were not finished. We went to the junk yard and bought bottles from the dirty old lady that the neighborhood kids knew was really a witch. We haggled and bought and took our loaded wagon, gingerly going over the railroad tracks by the hobo jungle as to not tip our precious load. We then sold the bottles to the grocer for a profit of one cent on each bottle. We repeated the junk yard trips until the grocer said, “No More Bottles!”

To celebrate our success we bought …

The Importance Of Adequate Insurance Cover To Small Businesses

One of the largest risks facing small business owners is a failure to ensure an adequate level of insurance cover for their company – this is particularly true of small businesses who may not quite have the resources to cope with the large financial losses which may be suffered as a result of ‘underinsurance’.

A UK study recently estimated that around 80{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc} of businesses may actually be underinsured, and this figure is only likely to rise given the unprecedented volume of new businesses which are forming by the day in the UK.

As commercial insurance can be a somewhat dry and complicated topic, it is often overlooked by business owners eager to focus their efforts on lead generation, sales, customer service and production.

This is an understandable, yet extremely dangerous view to take, particularly in the modern era.

Unfortunately, claiming that you were ‘unaware’ that you lacked the correct insurance cover will rarely stand up in a court of law, and you must therefore take the time to ensure you are knowledgeable of exactly what is included in your business insurance policy, and what has been omitted.

This needs to be undertaken on a regular basis.

Never take the risk of waiting for a major financial loss before inspecting your insurance cover – instead, analyze your business insurance carefully, and determine whether you currently hold the correct level of coverage, in relation to the risks that are present in your individual business or industry.

Underinsurance is quite a basic concept – it simply means that your insurance schedule is valued lower than the sum of your company’s total assets, and you risk receiving less money in compensation than you require to restore your business to any pre-loss standing it may have held.

The primary reason for inadequate coverage among business owners is complacency – the feeling that ‘it will never happen to me’. However, this is demonstrably untrue, and this school of thought has led to many closed businesses, and a vast amount of unemployed entrepreneurs.

As well as ensuring an adequate level of coverage, it is also important that you update your business insurance accurately, on a yearly basis at the minimum.

The assets of a business can increase or decrease in value on a regular basis, particularly during uncertain economic times, and it is vital that your insurance schedule reflects the health of your business as it currently stands, and not as it stood twelve months ago or longer.

Take the time to undertake a full evaluation of your assets on a yearly basis before renewing your business easily avoided.

Businesses can be inadequately covered for many reasons, but it is important that you immediately examine your current level of coverage, understand the risks involved by remaining underinsured, and make the necessary changes to your business insurance, to ensure you minimize the risks involved with potential underinsurance.

It is often common for businesses to be inadequately covered on any commercial insurance policy, but UK insurers claim that the …