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Day: June 17, 2016

Is Amway A Genuine Business?

There are no limits to the number of sites online that ascribe the words illegal pyramid and scam to the Amway business. Comb through the Internet and you will see tons of critics telling you what a rip off the Amway business is. Why does Amway attract so much criticism? Why does every critic want to rip it apart?

Here are some reasons:

The Influence Amway has had on the public has been massive Amway has been in existence for the past 50 years and lot of people were and are still affected by the business in one way or another. There are millions who have good things to say about Amway and another proportion of this population who will have negative comments about the business and call it a scam. The negative group have been active on the internet knocking the business. Majority of those commenting about the business on the internet are unfortunately people with negative comments about the business. This distorts comments about the true nature of the business. The critics are mostly people who have either not been successful in the business due to lack of effort, or people who have had a falling out with the group leaders they became worked while in the business.

The influence of the groups affiliated to Amway For years some business groups were engaging in bad business practices. This has led to a bad feeling in some of the groups. Some leaders began focusing on their side business (tapes, CDs and business functions) and neglected to the substantive business which is Amway. Many recruits believed that they can become millionaires within a short period with little effort. Any profit made from the business evaporated due to large spending on system tools: tapes, books and functions. Some system groups made little effort to promote the retail side of the business. The system business some leaders promoted became the substantive business and Amway’s reputation suffered because of this practice.

This is obviously mainly the fault of the system leaders who did not follow the proper business guidelines and replacing Amway business with their side tool. Amway has curbed such abuses by introducing the accreditation which all business groups have to conform to.

Business owners concealing the name Amway Business owners sometimes tried to conceal the name Amway from the prospect. The belief then was that people will prejudge their business if they hear the word Amway without getting some information about it first if Amway was mentioned upfront. This has led some to believe that Amway representatives were hiding something hideous. It created deep suspicions about the business. Thankfully, Amway has banned representatives from carrying on this practice.

The critics have been busy on the internet for years. There are articles do not give a balanced analysis of the business. Most of the websites focus on law suites and controversies and not on the positive. The general commentary on the Network Marketing industry is unfairly negative. Most of the comments …

7 Steps to Better Business Letters

Seems like people who can talk perfectly well, or write an interesting letter to a friend, suddenly freeze up and turn into someone else when they sit down to write a “serious” letter.

Serious as in “This letter needs to be good so these people will want to do business with me.” They get nervous and worried about being proper, and their letters come out sounding stiff and, frankly, pretty boring.

If that happens to you, these steps will help. First, remember that the letter has to be “about” your reader and that you are always writing to just one person – even if the letter will be broadcast to 40,000. Keep that one person in your mind, and “talk” to him or her as you write. Next, find yourself a place where you can work in solitude – you don’t need any interruptions while you’re creating.

Step 1: Write down whatever you’re thinking you want to communicate. Get all your thoughts on the paper where you can see them – and where they can’t suddenly escape. Don’t worry about putting your thoughts in order.

I especially like this step, because your creativity isn’t hampered at all, and you may find a gem of an idea when you read what you wrote.

Step 2: Arrange those thoughts into some kind of logical order to give your message a good structure.

Step 3: Polish. This is where you’d check to make sure you have good transitions between paragraphs, smooth out any awkward spots that can stop a reader cold, and even eliminate a few sentences that don’t add strength to your message. Reading it aloud will alert you to any stumbling blocks. (Yes, do it even though it feels silly.)

Step 4:Call in your inner critic. But be careful here.You’re looking for communication, not the rules of grammar. This letter needs to sound like a good conversation.

Now you can do away with the solitude for a little while for steps 5 and 6.

Step 5: Have someone else read the message to make sure it clearly conveys what you want to say. Just don’t take every criticism as gospel, because each of us has our own opinion.

Three readers could well give you three opinions. Listen to what they suggest, consider it, and then accept or reject a change based on your own instincts.

This step is scary for a timid writer – believe me I know! But consider this: Wouldn’t you rather hear from a friend that a sentence is unclear than have a customer round file your message because they didn’t quite “get it?”

Step 6: Get someone to proofread your work for the sole purpose of making sure you haven’t missed any typos. When you know what you’ve written it is far too easy to miss a spot where you might have written something like: “it it far too easy” in the sentence above. Have them also check for misuse of words like there and their, your …